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As the son of a pastor, Dean’s spiritual guidance started at an early age. “There have been different points of epiphany in my life where God really broke through,” Dean said. “As a second grader, I recall having a spiritual encounter with God. I remember kneeling at the altar, praying. My dad was there, and I remember feeling God’s presence.”

My decision to move outside of the walls of the traditional church literally began with The Voice. My boss is the one who encouraged me to email Mark Burnett about one of my songs on the record called Mercy Tree. At first I thought, “why would he talk to me I was just one of the contestants on The Voice?”

“Please, celebrate me home…”

That Kenny Loggins song, covered for American Idol by past winner Ruben Studdard, played as Jason Castro watched the carefully crafted, tear-jerking montage of his Idol journey. Celebrate me home. That’s a tall order for anyone after losing what is arguably the biggest singing competition in America.