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There is no definite definition for good parenting, it covers several aspects of your life and your child’s physical, emotional…

May is a very special month for me. Mothers are honored on Mother’s Day, and I celebrate my birthday on the first day of the month–that should answer any questions about how I got my name. I want to seize this opportunity to wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day and congratulate them on the difficult but rewarding role of raising children. For those single men raising children in place of their mother, all I can say is you are blessed. Keep up the good work.

In this world of moral decline where children are enticed and pulled away from right living earlier than ever in their lifetimes, all parents wish they could equip them with armor that would protect them until they become strong, wise adults

I was devastated that my chances of childbearing were suddenly not looking so good.

My fiancé Dennis, however, dismissed this news, replying that the doctors were not God. His reaction gave me hope and courage, so I sought a second opinion with a highly respected gynecologist who had helped countless women.  However, he declared my chances of having children “very low.” 

Whether we choose to believe it or not, God Almighty is every child’s real parent. Scriptures note that the earth is the LORD’s and its fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein. Jehovah controls everything and has a kingdom agenda for the world that would be fulfilled through men. In God’s army are the young and old, male and female. This list is includes children …

A set of parents may make the decision that they no longer wish to be married and the courts will assist them to do so. BUT the court system and the officers thereof MUST act in a truly professional manner and take the well being and future of these children into account

My favorite memories of summer are the special weeks when I attended camp. I remember cooking s’mores over the campfire, swimming every day, playing crazy games, and being with the other kids laughing and having such fun.