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For many of us, our husband has been in our lives for many years. We usually share a home, children, and an extended family. Perhaps it is unrealistic to just think that we can cut him out of our lives without a backward glance.

The pandemic of adultery in marriage today is all about the cheater they are mislead into believing that they can defraud and disrespect another person’s physical space while at the same time trespassing against the marriage bed. Reality dictates that this will happen again and again until your spouse gives up the need for approval and emotional ego boosting from others, which happens only when they get right with God.

Most people who do cheat on their spouse and use others emotionally and sexually do it to “feel” better about who they are. There’s usually no “real love” involved in the relationship because it’s only based on what one can gain from it. They use others to create a facade of happiness, but it is a false sense of happiness. Happiness comes from within the contentment of a person and not from what they can get from others.