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Research has shown that sugar fuels cancer cells. Cancer is the condition where there is abnormal cell growth in the body. An immune system which functions well would detect abnormal cells and eliminate them. However, in cancer, these abnormal cells seem to escape the biological control to which all normal cells in our bodies are subjected to. 

How often have I asked myself, even as a Nursing professional, “Is there no way to prevent cancer? We know for certain what the prognosis is… incurable, unless there is a miracle! What about prevention? Is it impossible?

For many years, the ratio of women who got breast cancer compared to the women who didn’t, got higher and higher. The occurrences skyrocketed from the time I was born to the time I was diagnosed in 1994. There are many substantiated reasons for that being the case.

Although the cases of cancer in teens is relatively low, there are some types of cancer that are more likely to affect teenagers and young adults.

I remember the first sight of seeing my mother and hearing her screaming shocked me to insistently wanting to jump up at which point my dad showed up and told my mother to cool it and gently pushed my shoulders back down onto the stretcher. It was around then that I realized I was in some kind of pain.