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Love does not insist on having its own way and winning all the time. If you are at fault never hesitate to say you’re sorry. Avoid finger pointing. Marriage may provide you with a convenient scapegoat.

Each individual has a different degree of anger within them and it’s often brought to the surface when things completely go awry. In a marriage that can differ slightly. Some women, who have been married for a time, seem to struggle with keeping their anger under wraps.

There are plenty of examples all over the web of rage.  People who seem to have lost their minds, their common sense, their rational thinking and all logic.  It’s like watching a child throw an outrageous temper-tantrum but sadly these are supposed to be adults! 

There are different ways that people typically deal with anger. Many people internalize their feelings of anger. In trying to avoid dealing with it, unforgiveness and bitterness take root, gradually poisoning their marriage. Turning it inward doesn’t deal with the anger; instead it’s allowed to build up over time.

I confess; there’s just something about movies where the bad guy goes down in flames and the good guy wins. It may be in the spiritual DNA; we live in a time where evil reigns, and we long for the day when it is utterly vanquished. Movies that mimic the good-triumphs-over-evil theme temporarily satisfy the longing for justice.