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Grief greatly affects a person’s mental and emotional health, especially when that person is suffering from addiction. It can trigger depression, anxiety, and irrational behavior, as…

Society has a general tendency to consider different kinds of substance abuse as addiction, while ignoring certain behavior patterns that are equally addictive. Food, shopping, gambling, work, or sex can turn to behavior addictions and create problems that are just as destructive as substance abuse.

Battling any addiction can be difficult, whether it is an alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or food addiction. You may feel trapped, and that there is no hope. You may have even tried to get free from your addiction numerous times, and failed each time to stay clean. It is possible with each failed attempt, you are now feeling hopeless.

Why did the old patterns of eating disordered thoughts assail me right now? What triggered them? When all that is familiar was stripped away, when my heart was exposed to pain and stress, I believe it searched for a means to distract me from the hurt. By swarming my mind with compulsive thoughts, the loss of my husband’s presence was not so sharp.

Most people who do cheat on their spouse and use others emotionally and sexually do it to “feel” better about who they are. There’s usually no “real love” involved in the relationship because it’s only based on what one can gain from it. They use others to create a facade of happiness, but it is a false sense of happiness. Happiness comes from within the contentment of a person and not from what they can get from others.