Sugar gives Cancer an Added Advantage

    MannaXPRESS Sugar-2 Sugar gives Cancer an Added Advantage

    By Tesse Wilson 

    Some medical doctors say simple sugar in moderate amounts can be beneficial to the body. Others say it is no good at all, we should get our sugar from carbohydrate foods and fruits with pulp and fiber to slow down glucose absorption. Simple sugars are sugars that have no fiber. They include white sugar, brown sugar, and fruit drinks.

    No matter which side of the debate one supports it has been proven that the consumption of simple sugars in terms of amount and frequency can cause cavities, excess calories and increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and other diseases.   

    It is recommended that we should decrease our intake of all forms of sugar because sugar suppresses the immune system’s ability to fight, fix and repair. 

    Research has shown that sugar fuels cancer cells. Cancer is the condition where there is abnormal cell growth in the body. An immune system which functions well would detect abnormal cells and eliminate them. However, in cancer, these abnormal cells seem to escape the biological control to which all normal cells in our bodies are subjected to. 

    These abnormal cells grow, multiply, spread, form tumors and do not die because the genetic program which regulates the size, the life and death cycle of a cell is damaged. Normal cells live about one hundred and twenty days before they die and the body replaces them with new healthy cells. Cancer cells as mentioned before do not die, they multiply by division that is; two, four, eight, sixteen etc.  

    Being aware of how dependent cancer cells are on sugar, oncologist use a PET scan (one of the tests used to diagnose cancer) where radiated sugar is injected into the patient. Cancer cells absorb sugar more efficiently than normal cells and will take up the radiated sugar.  The scan would show where the sugar is and in turn tell where the cancer is.  

    Since the immune system plays a major role in preventing and stopping the growth of cancer cells we should be mindful of the things that compromise its optimal performance. 

    Consuming lots of simple sugar suppresses the immune system and provides the fuel for cells which are becoming cancerous to grow and increase the growth of cells which are already cancerous. 

    These abnormal cells consume sugar and break it down into acids. Cancer progresses in an acidic environment. Once the patient stops using sugar the preferred source of fuel for cancer, the cells weaken and loses some advantage. How fast cancer spreads is determined by the state of the immune system.  

    There is another scenario described in conventional medical literature where cancer stem cells are said to be invisible to the immune system because of a protein that shields them.  Stem cells according to U.S National Institutes of Health have the potential to develop into many different cell types, they renew themselves through cell division.  Research has shown that ellagic acids targets cancer stem cells and makes them visible. Ellagic acids have antioxidant properties; it is found in strawberries, red raspberries, pomegranates, walnuts and green tea extract. Ellagic acid does not cure cancer but can be consumed for anti-cancer /cancer prevention purposes as part of a healthy diet.                   

    A word of caution; one should not consume more than an adequate amount of these fruits as excess sugar even from fruits has a detrimental effect on the body.    

    Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in many countries.  Conventional medicine has had some success in the fight against cancer, but it does not address cancer stem cell or the imbalances that cause cancer. 

    Many people are now wondering if the conventional cancer treatment of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy; cut out the tumor, burn and poison cancer cells, killing normal cells in the process is the best one. Many are asking, why are substantial state resources only given towards conventional medicine (pharmaceutical) cancer research?   

    It has become necessary for the conventional medicine field to work together with the naturopathic field to come up with a better protocol to deal with cancer.   State agencies must be applauded for their efforts to protect the public from unfounded claims and harm. However, it must not fight against and cast aspersions upon naturopathic doctors and approaches which have been shown(evidence) to be effective in the fight against diseases including cancer.                     

    State health agencies should increase their public education drive about the risks of excess intake of sugar, monitor the amounts of sugar in cough syrups, drinks serve in health institutions and address sugar addiction. 

    Sugar is just one of the things that reduce our white blood cells ability to fight. Lifestyle, stress and the aging process also suppresses our immune system.  While we may not have control over all factors that increase the risk of cancer such as environmental and genetics. We do have control over what we choose to eat. Let us decrease our intake of sugar for our physical health and emotional well-being.  

    Our bodies are the temple of God. Let us take care of good care of them by consuming foods (adequate amount of fruits, vegetables, vitamin c, probiotics, and water) which stimulate and boost our immune system and reduce or in some cases avoid those foods(processed) which suppress it. 

    Dear Reader, Blessings on your health journey! 

    Prayers and support to all persons who have cancer. 

    Special thanks to persons involved in independent cancer research. 

    All good gifts come from the Lord. Tesse is happy to be gifted by the Lord to write. It is her prayer that her writings will bless, encourage and inspire others. Thank God for his Spirit who gives inspiration and his grace which enables her.

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