Specialized Movers And Relocating The Elderly

    Moving is challenging for anyone, but it can be a significant life event for a senior. If you’re
    downsizing, deciding where to move can be daunting. You might ask whether you should
    move to an assisted living facility, rent an apartment, or purchase a smaller home.

    Financing a Smaller Home
    If you prefer a single-family home, you can purchase a smaller home. If you don’t plan to
    pay cash, a conventional loan may meet your needs. With a conventional loan, you can
    choose an adjustable or fixed rate. If you get a conventional loan, putting down at least 20% could help you get lower home mortgage interest rates and keep you from paying mortgage insurance.

    Get Help With Planning Your Move
    Once you decide where you’ll move, your next task will be planning your move. Physical
    limitations and the emotional toll of parting with long-held possessions can make packing a
    drawn-out task.  Most likely, you’ll need to discard or donate some of the items you’ve
    collected over the years. You may need to store things until you can sort through them all,
    and you’ll need to find a mover that you can trust to give you an honest estimate and
    handle your belongings with care and respect. A specialized mover or senior move
    manager can help with each of those tasks. Specialized movers and senior move managers
    can help you navigate the uncertainty that comes with moving.

    Specialized Movers Use Creativity to Solve Problems
    If your adult children don’t live nearby, a senior move manager can bring the
    family together virtually. If you can’t decide which items you want to get rid of or keep,
    your senior move manager can arrange online meetings or telephone conferences to
    discuss the move with your children. A virtual meeting provides opportunities for you and
    your adult children to plan for the move and avoid potential problems.

    Specialized Movers Help Adults Get Organized
    Specialized movers and senior move managers assist you with organizing belongings
    before a move. When downsizing, you won’t be able to take everything you’ve collected
    over the years. It makes sense to sort through your things and discard broken or worn
    items and donate those that are useful.  Your specialized mover may recommend you use a
    portable storage container to organize and store your items until you’re ready to move

    Senior Move Managers Can Help You Find a Reputable Moving Service
    You’ve heard the horror stories of moving companies that quote you one price but charge
    you more once the move is complete. These are also the type of companies that will mishandle your furniture and break things without offering compensation. A moving
    specialist can help you find a moving company with fair policies and follows local, state,
    and federal regulations. It is more rewarding to look for a senior move manager whose company is a member of The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), the organization that represents about 500 senior move management companies throughout the United States and Canada.

    With Help, You Can Manage Moving and Other Lifestyle Changes
    A specialized mover to help reduce your moving stress is an example of a service
    that can help you manage significant life events. If you’re worried about your physical
    health, emotional well-being, or other issues, there are resources to assist you.
    When you’re faced with decisions and can benefit from another view, seek information you
    can trust.

    Hope these tips make it easier for your elderly one to move without chaos.

    Claire Weintz loves writing articles on caring for Seniors. 

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