Soul Ties: God’s Super Glue

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    By Dale H. Conaway

    We cannot fully understand Sex God’s Way without understanding Soul Ties and the important role they play in the sex act. This article will help explain what Soul Ties are and how they develop.

    Godly Soul Ties In Biblical Sexuality Volume 3, a Soul Tie is defined as a strong, emotional or psychological attachment which joins a person’s soul to another person or thing. The term Soul Tie literally refers to a binding or “tying” of the soul to something. It is the soul being attached to another entity. The soul houses our mind, will, and emotions. Therefore, when Soul Ties are formed, our mind, will, and emotions are all affected. In other words, Soul Ties affect our thinking (mind), our choosing (will), and our feelings (emotions).

    When a Soul Tie forms, an emotional attachment develops causing you to think about and desire the thing your soul is tied to. Soul Ties form when we engage our bodies in certain activities. There are two kinds of Soul Ties:

    Godly Soul Ties (GSTs)

    • Ungodly Soul Ties (UGSTs) This blog will focus on GSTs, the kind of Soul Ties which form when husband and wife engage in sexual intercourse. Consider Gen.2:24.

    The Law of Cleaving

    Gen.2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

    Genesis 2:24 introduces what I call the Law of Cleaving (LOC). The Law of Cleaving is one of the spiritual laws governing human sexuality. This law promotes the development of Soul Ties within marriage. The LOC is activated every time a husband and wife are sexually intimate. Gen.2:24 makes a clear connection between cleaving and becoming one flesh. The Hebrew word for cleave means; to cling to, to be stuck to, to be glued to, or to join together. The phrase one flesh refers to the physical, sexual union of husband and wife.

    The word cleave, in Gen.2:24, describes the effect the Soul Tie has on a married couple. It literally binds them in their mind, will, and emotions. The LOC, and the Soul Tie it produces, influences a husband and wife to become one and remain one. This kind of Soul Tie, whereby husband and wife are united, is an example of a Godly Soul Tie (GST). The original intent was for husband and wife to become one flesh (have sexual intercourse), and that they would cleave as a result of having become one flesh.

    How Soul Ties Are Formed Chemicals at Work

    Every time a husband and wife are sexually intimate, the LOC is set in motion and Godly Soul Ties are formed. Scientist have shown that the sex act releases certain chemical substances into the bloodstream. These chemicals interact with certain areas in the brain and lead to the development of emotional attachments to one’s sexual partner. These emotional attachments are called Soul Ties.

    The release of these chemical substances, during sexual intercourse, help explain the biological basis for the Law of Cleaving. The chemical substances playing a major role in human bonding include: dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin. Dopamine, which is released in the brain during sex, causes sexual intercourse to feel pleasurable. Dopamine also activates the release of vasopressin in the male and oxytocin in the female. Researchers believe both vasopressin and oxytocin influence sexual partners to bond emotionally and psychologically (soul ties).

    God’s Original Plan

    Godly Soul Ties function to strengthen marriages and unite husband and wife beyond the physical. These Godly Soul Ties also bind them emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The beauty and power of the Godly Soul Tie is this:

    Even when a husband and wife are physically separated, they can continuously think about and desire each other.

    This is made possible due to the presence of Godly Soul Ties. A husband and wife passionately loving and cleaving to each other for a lifetime, was God’s original plan and intent for marriage. God designed sexual intercourse to activate the LOC in a marriage. The LOC activates the formation of Godly Soul Ties. Godly Soul Ties increase and reinforce attachment bonding between a husband and wife.

    This lesson illustrated how Godly Soul Ties can help us by binding us to our spouse. In our next blog, we will discuss how Ungodly Soul Ties can hurt us by binding us to dangerous people and or habits.

    Dr. Dale Conaway is CEO of Purity Press Publishers and author of the Biblical Sexuality Series. This 8 Volume Series is a Bible based study of the spiritual laws which have been divinely established to govern and guide human sexual behavior. The above article is copyrighted material from the Biblical Sexuality Series published through Purity Press Publishers. For more information on the Biblical Sexuality Series visit our website at: Puritypressbooks.com.

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