Social Media Praises Toronto Teacher’s Generosity

    Social media has been inundated with praises for a teacher in Toronto who gifted her student a brand new pair of sneakers.

    The educator, who goes by @teachinthe6ix on Instagram, fundraised to obtain money for the sneakers and then collaborated with local customization studio Mack House to help each student design their pair. 

    She posted the reveal on her Instagram account, sharing the moment she surprised her students with the shoes after a viewing of Like Mike: a film about an orphan who gets basketball talents after finding an old pair of sneakers that once belonged to Michael Jordan.

    The teacher writes that one line in particular from the movie really stuck with her students: “It’s not about the shoes, instead it’s who wears the shoes, that make them special.”
    “Seeing their love for the film and observing their abundance of creativity, I choose an activity that combined both elements.”

    The aforesaid ultimately led to the sneaker workshop, with the kids obviously thrilled based on the footage their teacher shared, which is absolutely heartwarming.

    Comments like “best teacher out there” and “this is so wholesome, I love it” have of course been pouring in as the story circulates on social media, with some even calling for Nike to pay her back or sponsor her.

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