Single Christian men, stop being intimidated

    Single Christian man

    By Kevin Morgan

    [dropcap]M[/dropcap]any Christian singles like to quote the scripture that says “God does not give us a spirit of fear.” But somebody must have snuck in the back door and scared the “bejeebies” out of many single Christian men because a lot of us are intimidated by independent women. Come on brothers, what in the world are we afraid of?

    There are single Christian women who have it going on. They look good, smell good, make “good” money, live in a nice house, drive a nice car and seem to exude a ton of self-confidence. Isn’t that the kind of woman we want in our lives? But, instead we make up lame excuses like “She’s too independent” or “She acts like she does not need a man” or “She is too high maintenance“. Lies, lies, lies! As Christian men, we are endowed with the divine gift of spiritual leadership. With leadership comes a sense of purpose for those things God has for us and for those we interact with. Over time, our gift of spiritual leadership should nurture a level of self-confidence that is attracted to and not repelled by women who are also self-confident.

    A woman cannot love a man for the long-term that she does not respect and the relationship has no chance to develop into a healthy connection if she senses that you are intimidated by her. Many Christian women are practically begging God to send them a man who is able to stand up and step up.

    It is true that God has not given us a spirit of fear, so Christian men need to put their fears aside and trust God enough to prepare them for the exceptional women that He is sending our way. No, don’t run away from her. Run to her, that woman is the one for you.

    As accomplished as that phenomenal Christian woman is, the more she can help us to become all that God wants us to be. As a spiritual leader, Christian men are being called to lead the way to stronger connections to God. As a person of spiritual influence, Christian women are being called to remind us of our divinely ordained purpose. Unfortunately, too many Christian single men see her spiritual gifts as a curse when in fact they were meant to serve as the source of powerful blessings.

    Today is a good day for Christian single men to answer the divine call to be real men. Part of our response to God’s plan for us is to stop being so scared of our Christian single women.

    Kevin Morgan is an author, entrepreneur and publisher. His publishing company, Sowjourn Publishers, markets books that uplift and inspire. 

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    1. @Kevin,
      What do you say to a single Christian man who has the confidence, but cannot seem to find any single Christian women who are either:
      1.) Ready for a relationship
      2.) Actually serious about their relationship with God

      I say this because I am 23, a rising senior in college, and all of the Christian young ladies I meet here at my school are either not interested in me, not interested in a relationship at all until they graduate, or they say they are Christians but they live a very worldly lifestyle and don’t seem to think anything is wrong with it. That’s not the kinda woman I need, because I am truly devoted to living a Godly lifestyle. I’m not ugly either, except for a little acne every once in a while. I’m confident and fairly outgoing. I don’t get it.


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