Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationship

    Every relationship that will be productive must have healthy boundaries. So… what are boundaries?  They are guidelines, rules, or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them. In our relationship, it’s our way of communicating to our spouse that we have self-respect, self-worth, and will not allow them to define us.

    After setting boundaries, it is important to help your spouse understand them through coherent communication and clearly stated rules.

    For effective boundaries to be put in place, an individual has to know what he or she wants in the first place. Once established and feasible, share this with their spouse and also mention the consequences if these rules are violated. You created the boundaries hence it should be all about you. Your needs in a relationship should be well respected by your partner. To avoid conflict at all costs in your relationship, don’t hesitate to discuss any unhealthy attitude.

    Below, we will discuss ways to ensure boundaries are clearly communicated in other to keep a lasting relationship.

    Know That Boundaries Are Healthy for Your Relationship

    You should consider the various reasons why boundaries are important to you.  They help you maintain a healthy relationship between you and your spouse, that’s why they are regarded as a very vital aspect of every relationship. Unnecessary conflicts are reduced and your lines aren’t crossed. With boundaries in place, effective communications are guaranteed.

    Be Honest About What You Need

    Open communication is crucial in every healthy relationship. When discussing boundaries with your partner, honesty they say is the best policy. Be honest with what you want and what you don’t want. it will help him or her understand you better. You can also try writing it down, so your partner can go back to it when things are not clear.


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    Healthy boundaries

    Listen to What Your Partner Needs

    It will be unfair if your partner is faithfully honoring your boundaries and you’re not doing the same. Relationships are meant to be vice-versa, so you need to listen to the boundaries your partner set and ensure you understand and agree to the terms. Remember, in a relationship, presentation, and mutual agreement is key.  

    Designate When You Need Space

    This tip is important. It doesn’t always mean you’re tired of them. Sometimes, as humans, we just want to be alone.  So if you’re getting tired of your spouse because you are together too often and you need time alone, please ensure you communicate it properly. By so doing, you avoid snubbing or being irritable with your partner.

    Communicate With Respect

    Boundaries involve respect from both parties. When communicating your boundaries with your partner, do it with empathy, great understanding, and respect for one another. Your love will be stronger when you communicate with your partner all the time with respect.

    Cheers to a healthy relationship with your spouse.

    Allison Prude loves to write on self-help and development.

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