Prevention of cancer is better than cure

    Prevent cancer
    Stop Cancer

    By Mary Lee Scully

    It is akin to a “Death Sentence” when one is declared with a disease like Cancer. That was exactly the way I felt when it afflicted my very dear, loved ones who succumbed to it. You literally face the gloom and then the doom! How often have I asked myself, even as a Nursing professional, “Is there no way to prevent cancer? We know for certain what the prognosis is… incurable, unless there is a miracle! What about prevention? Is it impossible?

    Now, don’t jump to conclusions, little me! Have I not heard that cancer, though incurable–is preventable, if not treatable? Then, all is not lost if we, but spare no efforts to find ways and means to make a difference… Preventing cancer before it strikes! The real challenge is, how you do it.

    Believe it or not, this is how to do it!

      • Don’t smoke – Smoking as we know it, is bad and harmful to your health. It is the number one cause of death by lung cancer that applies to both men and women alike. Apart from this, it contributes to many other health problems like heart disease, heart attack, strokes and lung disease.
      • Maintain adequate levels of Iodine – Iodine is necessary to all body cells, particularly your thyroid gland, that produces the hormone to regulate your entire body’s metabolism. It is also essential for healthy breast and prostate tissues.
      • Avoid at all cost, synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMO) in your food. Animals that are conventionally raised, are usually fed with food which contains synthetic hormones and antibiotics–to speed up growth. Whereas, organically grown animals are free of these chemicals; such as beef from cattle that graze naturally from grass. Have you ever thought of brand name artificial sweetener like Aspartame, having harmful, cancer-producing chemicals?
      • Totally avoid all refined sugars, salts. flour and refined oils for cooking. These refined foods have been processed during manufacturing, thus having their nutrients stripped out while harmful sugars, salts, oils and grains are added. Being devitalized and when consumed overtime, your immune system will definitely be affected and compromised. So, that is how you allow cancer to get a foothold. Healthy oils include butter, coconut oil and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.
      • Removal of toxic metals like mercury, lead, nickel and arsenic from your body is vital. Mercury is the worst of all and is easily found in Albacore Tuna, swordfish, mackerel, shark and shellfish. Heavy metals suppress your immune system, hence a compromised immune system can never defend your body from cancer.
      • Must avoid Radiation exposure – Know that all Radiological tests use Ionizing Radiation which is a known carcinogen. It can cause damage to all DeoxyriboNuclei Acid or DNA and lead to abnormal cells, that eventually result in cancer. XRays, Mammograms, CT Scan (Computerized Tomography Scan) are included as Radiological Tests.
    • Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies tests – To ascertain your body is not deficient of certain vitamins and minerals detrimental to your health, it is advisable to do these tests.

    Never forget the importance of regular exercise both mental and physical, for your well-being and a healthy diet to combat cancer. In addition, learn how to reduce Stress and overcome it, even as you confront it. Last, but not least, try getting that much needed sleep, helps you to Prevent and even Reverse Cancer.

    Mary Lee Scully is a nursing professional involved in healthcare & wellness.


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