Prayer to shatter strongholds in your life


    1. “In the name of Jesus, I bind my body, soul and spirit to the will and purposes of my God.  I bind myself to an awareness of the power of the blood of Jesus working in my life everyday.  I bind my mind to the mind of Christ that I can have the thoughts, purposes and feelings of His heart in me.  I bind my feet to the paths You have ordained for me to walk in Lord, that my steps will be strong and steady.  I bind myself to the work of the cross with all of its mercy, truth, love, power, forgiveness and dying to self.”  In Jesus Name, Amen.

    2. In the Name of Jesus, I bind the strongman and loose his hold on everything he has ever stolen from me (health, wealth, peace, family, etc.).  I rebuke his works and loose the power and effects of every deception, devices and influence he wants to bring against me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    3. Lord, I repent of having wrong attitudes and thoughts.  I renounce them now and ask your forgiveness.  I loose every old wrong pattern of thinking, attitude, idea, desire, belief, habit and behavior that may still be working in me.  I tear down, crush, smash and destroy every stronghold I have erected to protect these wrong attitudes.  I bind myself to the attitudes and patterns of Jesus Christ.  I bind myself to the overcoming behavior and spiritual desires that line up with the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

    4. Father, I loose any stronghold in my life protecting wrong feelings I have against anyone.  Forgive me as I forgive those who have caused me pain, loss or grief.  I loose any desire for retribution or to rectify.  In the name of Jesus, I loose the power and effects of any harsh or hard words (word curses) spoken about me, to me or by me.  I loose any strongholds connected with them.  I loose all generational bondages and their stronghold from myself.  I thank you Jesus that you have promised whatsoever I bind and loose on earth will be bound and loosed in heaven.  In Jesus name; Amen.

    5. Father in the name of Jesus, I bind myself, soul and spirit to Your will and purposes.  I bind myself to the truth, to a fresh awareness of the blood, to the mind of Christ and to the work of the cross.  I loose and shatter every hindrance and device that my soul would use to distract me from moving deeper in You.  I loose, shatter and destroy every wrong agreement I have ever entered into; whether it be with another person, a wrong spirit, a deception or a false philosophy.  I loose, sever and cut myself and all soul ties I have ever formed with anyone.   I loose, sever and destroy any justifications, logic, arguments or reasoning that I have ever held onto to excuse wrong attitudes, wrong patterns, or behavior or unforgivness in my life.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

    6. I loose the grave clothes from my soul.  I loose any generational bondage from my soul.  I loose any opposition and resistance from my soul and I loose any hidden agendas from my soul.  I loose, shatter, and destroy the layer of self-control and self-defense, that I have allowed my soul to put down over my unmet needs, my unhealed hurts, and my unresolved issues.  Father, some of them have been there for so long, and I have believed they would never be fixed.  Forgive me, Father, for believing this, help me to work with You to loose layer after layer myself, so that these layers of vulnerability can be exposed to Your healing grace.

    Thank You for helping me to continue to loose and destroy every fear that I will be disappointed and hurt if my unmet needs come to the surface of my soul.  I loose and shatter every wrong belief I have ever had that You wouldn’t fix every single lock and wrong in my life and that You wouldn’t make me whole and strong and filled with joy.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

    7. Father, I ask You to forgive me, my doubts to cleanse me and guide my steps towards becoming the fulfillment of Your purpose from my birth.  I thank You Father, because I know it is Your will to do this for me.  In Jesus name, amen.

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