Prayer for divine wisdom in your business

    Praise and worship

    [dropcap]C[/dropcap]onfessions: Psalm.118:24; 2Timothy. 1:12; Psalm. 91:11; Ephesians. 3:20; Psalm. 16:11; Proverbs. 3:5-6.

    1. Father, let Your wisdom prevail in every meeting held to promote my business in Jesus’ name.
    2. Father, help each one in my business to bring forth profitable opinions at appropriate time in the name of Jesus.
    3. Father, help all the members of my business team to operate and flow together as a team in the name of Jesus.
    4. Let all unproductive and destructive meetings in my business fail to take place in the name of Jesus.
    5. Lord, help me to hear Your voice and to make the right decisions in my business all the time.
    6. Lord, help me carry out my decision-making accurately and profitably.
    7. Lord, always help me to choose what is best for my business.
    8. Lord, give me new and creative ideas to take my business to the next level.
    9. Father, reveal deep and secret things about my business to me, in Jesus’ name.
    10. I claim by faith, divine wisdom to enable me create and develop new products and services.
    11. Lord, help my business to introduce products and services that will be a blessing to people’s lives.
    12. Lord, give me innovative concepts and ideas to enable us develop newer and better goods and services for our company.
    13. Lord, open ideas to our spirits that can be translated into products and services.
    14. Lord, let the positive growth of my business amaze my friends and foes.
    15. Lord, direct us to stop planning and working on any project which will waste our time and energy.
    16. Let every spirit causing financial wastage depart from my business in the name of Jesus.
    17. Lord, help us to locate a sound financial institution that can and will properly handle our money matters.

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