Prayer About Contentment

    MannaXPRESS Contentment-2-2-e1608870008638 Prayer About Contentment

    By Stephen Wong

    Lord God,

    I confess that I spend so much of my life striving after worthless treasures,

    Even though I know that regardless of how much I achieve, it will never be enough,

    I constantly work overtime to the detriment of relationships and my spiritual health,

    So that I can keep rising up the ranks and eventually reach the top,

    I constantly fret over how to earn more money,

    So that I can save up for the next holiday or chase after that fancy retirement plan,

    I constantly compare myself with those around me,

    Always seeking to outdo everyone else with my achievements,

    I constantly worry about getting older each year,

    And whether I will have time to fulfil all of my lifelong dreams,

    But Lord, so much of what I am chasing after is ultimately meaningless,

    So much of the treasure that I work so hard for will one day soon fade away,

    I am overcome each day with worry and anxiety,

    And I fail to trust that you are my provider,

    Lord, please strengthen my faith in you,

    And remind me again of your great love and care for me,

    When I am tempted to complain about all the things that I don’t have,

    Open my eyes to see the many blessings that you have given me,

    When my heart lusts after money and luxury,

    Teach me to seek instead after the eternal treasures of heaven,

    When I fail to measure up to standards of worldly success,

    Remind me that my identity is not found in what I do or in my achievements,

    And when I start to fret over whether I have enough in my life to be satisfied,

    Remind me that through Christ’s strength, nothing will be impossible for me,

    So that in whatever situations I encounter in life,

    Whether I have been blessed with great wealth and success or not,

    I can learn to be content and thankful,

    Knowing that I am always under your care.

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