Pay attention to your dreams 

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    The dreamland is a controversial realm. To some it is a prophetic realm where God makes His mind known to His people, and therefore should be explored. To others, it is a world of demonic operations and oppression; and should be handled with caution. Yet another group believes it is a world of fantasies and should be ignored. 

    Dreams can make or mar you. Your insight into this realm equips you with the knowledge of how to deal with your own dreams. There was a  king who did not understand his dream. His name was Pharaoh. Though the dream was so important to affect him and the lives of his people, he did not know how to handle it. There was another king that forgot his dream. His name was Nebuchadnezzar. We are also told of two slave boys who had insight into the realm of dreams and knew how to handle them. Their names were Joseph and Daniel. Dreams affected not only their lives but also the destiny of the nations in which they lived. 

    Dreams have been so frequently misunderstood and mishandled. The enemy has depressed, oppressed and suppressed many through this realm. That there is a counterfeit from Satan attests to the fact that there is a genuine from God.  We do not need to be afraid of the shadow when we have the substance. Godly dreams are not fantasies, they are fascinating! 

    Dreams can protect you, warn, alert, prevent, preserve, reveal, give direction, expose or bless. Dreams are part of the intimacy of God. God speaks to His people through dreams.  

    Now, if all of these things are true, there is no wonder that the devil hates the idea of God’s people receiving heavenly dreams. He not only hinders people’s dreams; he steals them. 

    In Matthew 1:18-20; 2:13, 19, 20 dreams helped Joseph, the stepfather of Jesus. Joseph was so gifted that before anything happened, God would show him. 

    The wise men went to King Herod and told him that there was a king born in his kingdom. After inquiring of the scribes and priests, Herod sent the wise men to Bethlehem. However, they were warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod (Matthew 2:12), and his evil plan to kill Jesus was defeated. 

    You say, well, I do not dream. God will open your eyes and ears and you will dream, hear from the Lord, remember and understand because it is a part of your blessings in Jesus Christ. 

    Scripture to ponder on: 

    “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not” (Job 33:14). 

    Prayer points: 

    Father, thank You for the gift of dreams. 

    Holy Spirit, enable me to hear from You through dreams and visions, in Jesus’ name.

    Visit www.pastorchuzzy.com to learn more about him and his ministry.


    Chuzzy Udenwa
    Chuzzy Udenwahttp://www.pastorchuzzy.com
    is the Senior Pastor of Glory House World Church, Atlanta, GA. A former journalist and entrepreneur, he has authored several books on healing, deliverance and prayer

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