Pastors And Leaders Can We Talk?

    By Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu
    Social media has been buzzing the last few days with the story that has caught every one’s attention. It involves a young good looking pastoral couple. Those who knew them described them as a dynamic, charismatic  and influential couple. So what went wrong?
    MannaXPRESS Sylvester-and-barbara-e1600324591607 Pastors And Leaders Can We Talk?
    Prophet Sylvester and Barbara Ofori. They got married in September 2018. She was murdered by her husband on their 2nd wedding anniversary. 
    At a first glance this Pastoral Couple look like a perfect fit, they look so beautiful together, Looa match made in Heaven and so in love…….
    Unfortunately this Pastor Sylvester Ofori from Florida shot his 27 year old wife Barbara Tommey dead yesterday Tuesday morning outside her work place !! He shot her 7 times in broad  daylight! 
     Apparently he had been violent towards her in their 2 year marriage and so her family advised her (and correctly so) to leave him for her safety. He followed her to work and killed her! Those who were part of their ministry say the Pastors teachings started getting strange last year. He was no longer focused on teaching The whole counsel of God, he seemed to be drifting into a new age type of doctrine.
    My question immediately was when members/church leaders noticed the strange doctrine, who did they reach out to? Did Pastor have a Mentor/Spiritual Father he was accountable to? The Church today seems to be spiraling out of control with very little accountability, correction, order and discipline when Pastors and leaders go in error or fall. This has really hurt us as the Body of Christ.
    Barbara’s  tragic death is not only senseless, devastating and heartbreaking but it has opened a Pandora box of a plethora of issues and so many questions …..
    MannaXPRESS oforis-together-e1600325207289 Pastors And Leaders Can We Talk?
    Sylvester and Barbara Ofori
    I want to appeal to you my fellow Ministers of The Gospel , let’s not be ashamed to ask for  help when we are struggling in a particular area! 
    Depression is real! 
    Mental illness is real!
    Domestic Violence is real even in Pastors homes!
    This pandemic has brought to light that Pastors and Church leaders all over the world are struggling. It is nothing to be ashamed of,  people have lost jobs, businesses, Churches etc so stress levels are very high. This is definitely not an excuse to take someone’s life but just putting into consideration what we are dealing with and some of the effects of the pandemic.
    We cannot be silent anymore!
    We cannot compromise anymore!
    We cannot sweep issues under the carpet!
    We have to deal with the many issues in the church and among the clergy 
    We cannot lose any more lives to domestic violence 
    Let us walk in the light and speak the truth in love and wisdom to many hurting, wounded, broken saints and leaders!
    Let us confront sin and stop the worldliness and carnality  the church 
    Pastors We are NOT Super heroes! Yes we are anointed, we have titles and offices, multi gifted, multi talented, impacting lives but we are human beings who have real issues like everyone else!
    – Who do we talk to when we are discouraged?
    – Who prays for us when we are overwhelmed?
    -Who counsels us when we need wisdom and direction?
    – Who can we turn to for help when our marriages are challenged and our kids are acting up?
    – When the burden of ministry is heavy who can we open up to? 
    – Who can we run to when the warfare is intense and all hell is coming against us?
    – What happens when we fall into temptation and sin? Who has authority to discipline us
    – More than ever we need Spiritual Fathers, Mothers, Leaders, Mentors who can guide, direct, lead, mentor, Shepherd, correct, counsel, rebuke, pour into us and pray for us!! 
    We are very broken and crushed and at the untimely death of our fellow Minister Lady Barbara Tommey. May her beautiful gentle soul rest in peace. May The Holy Spirit comfort her family and all who knew and loved her.
    Pastors please Let’s NOT be ashamed to ask for help when we are in need! Humility and a teachable spirit is priceless!
    Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu, LL.B, M.A. is the Founder/Visionary of Fresh Aroma International Ministry – www.fresharomaministry.org

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