Overcome Insecurities and Unveil You

    By Shyra Smith
    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]re insecurities within yourself holding you back from achieving your success? Stop and think back to all of the successful people you know of and you will begin to realize that they didn’t try to be like the others. Some of them had some very rough situations that occurred in their early years of life and yet, they still overcame and achieved their success. Through hard work, dedication and following their beliefs, they became leaders and have huge followings. I want you to even think back to Jesus. You don’t have to follow the world to be accepted or to get ahead. Some allow insecurities to take control and start looking outside of themselves for acceptance and approval from others.

    It’s ok to follow your own path. It makes no sense to always try to please everybody else. Whatever fears you have, it’s time to face them and move forward. A few years ago, I heard a story about a lady who was just over 50. She made the comment that she has nothing to really be proud of when it came to thinking of her accomplishments. She always had to hustle because she never wanted to work for anyone. This is what the people she hung around did. They had titles and she wanted one too. She was proud to say “I have my own business”, even though that business was not a productive one.

    She never owned a home, she always bought cars that were lemons because her credit was horrible or she had people to co-sign for her and when the car would break down, she would stop paying the note and this would cause the co-signers credit to have a negative mark. She always appeared to be happy whenever you saw her. In actuality, she was very miserable inside. Her family was the group affected by this the most. She stole so much from the inside (family) so that she could look so good to the outside (world). The family is supposed to be there to help one another, but she actually abused this and it got to the point where her family had to sit her down and tell her the only way they would help her is if she followed certain steps to help get her back on track again. She comprehended this as the family telling her how to live her life and she closed family out. To her, the family turned their backs on her when they really reached out to her to help improve her situation and to better her life. There was no way she could allow folks on the outside to see that she had to get a ” 9-5″ job or move in with a relative to assist her in saving money to get on her feet. She had an image to maintain and could not take her family up on any of their offers. In no way did she see this as help. She saw it as the family trying to tell her what to do and “she was a grown woman” and was offended greatly. She was over 50 years old and not a child is what she told them.

    A couple of years later after this incident with her family, it came a time when she really needed some help and she actually reached out to her “so called” friends since she wasn’t speaking to her family anymore for assistance. None of those “friends” came forth to help her out and she eventually had to come back to family.

    So a majority of her years of being on this earth, she has tried to follow and “be like” others to feel as if she’s fitting in and it took that long to realize that it just wasn’t worth it. She lived most of her life “wishing” and “pretending” just so she could feel as if she was “fitting in” and she wasn’t happy.

    It’s ok to stop pretending and to start working on getting on track to accomplish your own dreams. If you do what’s right and stick to it, you’ll have your own following and you’ll be able to show people that you CAN be successful by doing things with integrity. You don’t have to cheat to get ahead because many of the times you are only hurting yourself and stopping or holding up your blessings from coming to you. Some of you say that you want to be like Jesus.  To be like Jesus, you can’t be a follower of “world”.   Let’s start today working on changing for the better! You’ll be amazed at all of the blessings that will begin to come your way.

    Shyra Smith is the CEO of HS3 Enterprises, LLC, a parent company dedicated to improving the lives of people and the corporations they own or work for.Shyra believes in living life to the fullest without allowing the negative around you to hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.  Shyra’s multifaceted skill-set and varied creativeness and business background makes her highly sought after. She has a deep passion for inspiring others to self-discover and achieve their greatest potential in life. She has inspired others to pursue their visions and has assisted them in realizing they “CAN DO IT!”

    To learn more about Shyra Smith, visit her blog: http://www.buildmyenterprise.com/blog.

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