3 Signs Your Spouse Is Committing Online Emotional Adultery

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    Emotional adultery

    By Dee Schrock

    [dropcap]E[/dropcap]motional adultery is a torturous experience. Seeing the person you poured all your heart into suddenly lose all affection towards you is a rather painful thing. Online affairs have been rampant nowadays, accounting for a lot of cases of separation and divorce and each has gone through a painstaking course of emotional adultery.

    The thought of being replaced is hurtful enough but being replaced by someone who didn’t invest as much time, physical effort, concern and love as you did is very weakening. This makes online affairs the source of the most hurtful emotional adultery. What Constitutes Emotional Adultery?


    A person that commits emotional adultery becomes withdrawn. He or she feels and looks detached from you and your relationship. That partner has found something that he/she didn’t find in the current relationship and that something could be the fulfillment of an utmost desire. When such thing happens, the partner feels unsatisfied and gloomy. They would feel gloomy because they discovered they could find a better kind of relationship out there and they’re not in it because they are with you. In their mind their partners are not the victim, they are. So they sulk in one corner and feel sorry that they have to be cheating to be happy. They suddenly change. Their sexual desires towards you become very low on top of the in differences he/she could start to show. Online affairs are not initially that serious, but they could become one if a person finds a match that entices her whole being.


    Guilt is a constant thing in a person’s life. A person committing emotional adultery feels more guilt than a person committing a full-blown adultery. This is because there is still a part of them that is very much attached to the current relationship. Guilt is the reason that a cheating partner suddenly assumes a secretive behavior.

    Secretive behavior

    Secretive behaviors happen when a partner feels guilt. Almost all of us wouldn’t want to be caught cheating because we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Emotional adultery is felt and seen by the way a partner behaves but it is not always conclusive. Being secretive with your partners makes you act unusually different and these changes in behavior unintentionally or intentionally poses as emotional adultery.

    It is really hard to accept emotional adultery due to an online affair. It is opposed to the standard norms of relationship; physically cheating would be more acceptable rather than cheating online. It is more understandable for an extra marital affair to occur as a result of a physical temptation rather than what is brought about by a fling over the internet. It is indeed baffling and very maddening to see signs of an affair online.

    In general, emotional adultery defines what is so called as “relationship on the rocks”; the confusing and unfortunate events that embody a relationship that is going down the hill. For whatever reason, emotional adultery is half-meant. It is a period in the relationship where both parties need to assess the relationship and mend what is broken. Whether a partner is cheating or not, emotional adultery happens when there is a problem in a relationship. For most, it’s the lack of openness that leads to infidelity and eventually a breakup. Before starting to investigate a partner, address the problems of your relationship first because if you do catch a spouse cheating, it’ll be more likely that your partner would tell you it’s been your fault all along. So find your faults first.


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