Mothers, Please Be Vigilant

    Mother and daughter
    Mother and daughter

    By Iris Delgado

    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]his counsel is from experience and testimonies from mothers who have been tormented by abuse and instability in the home. When I say mothers be vigilant, I mean just that. Do not allow your daughters to run around the house half-naked. Satan walks around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour and tempt. Do not enable your husband to be tempted by your negligence at home, especially if weeks and months go by and there’s no sex life between you. Our young daughters need to be taught early how to comport themselves at all times, never to sit right in the middle of Daddy’s lap, especially as they become toddlers and adolescents.

    God created woman as a delicate vase and wants her to be handled as such. I realize that many of you are being oppressed and mistreated. Personally, I watched for many years as my father victimized my mom. But I also watched as I saw my mother refuse to succumb to the attacks of the enemy through my father. She was never a victim. She was a victor.

    How did she do it? She stayed connected to her source: Jesus Christ. Her mind was always in prayer, even while she worked, cooked, and attended her family. She was thankful and kept a smile on her face. Was it difficult? Yes. I believe she maintained a 90 percent mental attitude and 10 percent physical. Mom knew her position in Christ. She was unbeatable, because God sustained her. Today she is 83 years old, smiling, thankful, and prayerful.

    Mothers, stay vigilant. We must pray at all times, not just when we sense problems or feel boxed in. Pray when all is going well. Develop your faith and your spiritual muscles. Stay alert. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you discernment. Learn to discern when an evil spirit introduces itself to disrupt your peace and your home. God has given you the ability to discern and learn from the Word how to do spiritual warfare and how to stand up to the enemy. Come on now, you can do it!

    Excerpted from Satan, You Can’t Have My Children! (Charisma House, June 2011).

    Dr. Iris Delgado is the founder and president of Crowned With Purpose Ministries. An author and speaker, Delgado travels and ministers with her husband, Dr. John Delgado. Iris Delgado is the author of Satan, You Can’t Have My Children!, Women of Impact in the Midst of Hard Times, and Authority to Destroy the Works of the Enemy.


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