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    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

    Nigerian mega-evangelist Pastor Chris OYAKHILOME brings a new revelation to America

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t could have been the heat, and the sweat, and the fact that I was coming down with the flu. I sat there wedged between a husky man and woman, each of us in little plastic folding chairs bound together so there was no chance of wriggling away.

    I was getting an uncomfortable feeling, a knot in my stomach that scrunched ever tighter as the evening progressed. Then an assault of questions on the inside:

    “Man, if this is true, I must be a real loser.”

    “This sounds like a new revelation. Am I just too spiritually dull to receive it?”

    A pillar stood between me and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the superstar Nigerian preacher and healing evangelist who was pacing across the stage, pulling up Scriptures in four translations on an iPad encased in a stylish alligator-skin cover.

    I followed along on one of the giant video screens as Pastor Chris unfolded his teaching in precise, logical steps. He wore an impeccably tailored suit with a baby-blue pocket square and spoke in flawless English, punctuating his erudite delivery with darting hand gestures and the occasional spasm of tongue-speaking.

    Many times a roar rose up around me as Pastor Chris shouted one of his trademark exhortations: “I’m blessed! I’m blessed! I’M BLESSED!” People leapt to their feet and waved their hands. The cameras swooped in on cranes and and showed us rocking the rows of chairs we’d been crammed into like pickled ham hocks.

    I admit, I wasn’t quite getting it.

    I was there for every minute of Pastor Chris’ teaching at the Higher Life Conference U.S.A., seven hours of material spread over three nights in August, viewed in person by some 2,000 people at a hastily refurbished warehouse store in Arlington. I came with an open mind.

    One night I sat with the sick people—men, women, and children who’d come in wheelchairs or hobbling on canes, waiting expectantly for a touch from God. I watched. I listened. I took extensive notes.

    By the final night, when none of the sick had been offered personal prayer, I had serious questions. And inner doubts, the kind that make you look around for a token of assurance that you are not, in fact, the only crazy person here. “Why is everyone around me so excited? What is wrong with me?”

    Or was it me?

    That last night I pulled out my iPhone and started looking up Scriptures, while waves of fever caused me to break out in a sweat. But I had another reason to feel sick.

    I paged through my notes, and saw something I’d scribbled in the margins at the end of the first night: NO SIN. NO CONFESSION OF SIN.

    Pastor Chris had held two altar calls for salvation, for becoming born again, and he had never mentioned, much less prayed for, man’s biggest problem—sin. Was this a new gospel?

    Superstar preacher

    If you don’t know about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, you should. His ministry is hugely popular in English-speaking Africa and is making inroads all over the world. In his native Nigeria and in South Africa, he’s known for ministering in the miraculous. His Healing School in Johannesburg offers intensive teaching and one-on-one prayer for the sick, sometimes for hours, all at no charge. His popularity is such that he filled Johannesburg’s 95,000-seat Soccer City, built for the World Cup, and pulls in audiences exceeding half a million—you read that right—for outdoor crusades in Nigeria.

    Pastor Chris combines Bible teaching, miraculous signs, and exhortations to prosperous living. His ministry, Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy International, has used sharply produced television programs, social networking, conferences, the Healing School and YouTube to build devoted followings in the U.S., the U.K., Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other countries. Pastor Chris’ followers have planted Christ Embassy churches in many locales, including the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His TV show can be seen on the USA Network.

    Pastor Chris managed to pack the house every night in Arlington despite the inadequate air conditioning and iffy parking arrangements. (Many parked at the Walmart next door, causing one of the hosts to threaten a “Rapture strictly for cars—and they’re not going to heaven.”)

    “I went there because I wanted to know what this man was all about. There was a palpable sense of expectation—because of the miracles, because of his superstar status, because we knew we had a rare opportunity to hear a man who hardly ever preaches in venues this small. “You will remember when it was like this,” Pastor Chris said the first night. “We have a special mission in the U.S.—it’s all about Jesus.”

    Spirits were high at the conference, heavily attended by Dallas’ African immigrant Christian community. Pastor Chris took the stage each night to a rock-star reception, and we shouted stuff in unison along with him:

    “I will never be broke again in my life!”

    Living the good life is a theme of Pastor Chris’ preaching. “I came that they may have and enjoy life!” he said, alluding to the words of Jesus.

    “Settle that in your heart, settle it in your spirit. This is why Jesus came!”

    During the conference, I heard several testimonies of miracles about diabetes, crippling back pain, and business crises. I heard about the personal piety of Pastor Chris, and how he wore shorts one day, and his followers noted with awe that his knees were black from countless hours of prayer.

    Pastor Chris’ distinctive teaching goes like this: Once you’re born again in Jesus Christ, you’re the Righteous—“holy, unblameable, unreproachable,” as Anita Oyakhilome, his wife, says in a YouTube clip that neatly sums up the couple’s message. Sin and the Devil are no longer an issue for you, because Christ’s work is complete.

    The Christian life, then, consists of becoming “aware of who you are”—the Righteous, an heir of Christ, entitled to power, prosperity, and joyous living—the “Higher Life.”

    If you don’t possess these things, if you continue to struggle with sin and doubt and the Devil, you’re an “ignorant Christian,” according to Pastor Chris.

    He spoke sneeringly about Christians who try hard to obey God, mess up, make up, and try harder, in a cycle of futility. In the Old Testament days, he explained, the people of Israel “tried to obey God, but they failed God.”

    Everything changed with Jesus Christ. “In the New Testament, we don’t try to obey the Word,” Pastor Chris said at the conference. “We look at the mirror”—meaning the Word of God—“and it shows yourself.

    “We don’t need to obey,” he continued. “We look and see who we are and walk in the light of who we are.”

    And who are we? The Righteous. The Unblameable. The Unreproachable.

    I guess that makes me an ignorant Christian.

    It also provides a big, fat rationalization for all kinds of sin.

    No stranger to controversy

    In between the nightly sessions, I got online, I made calls, I sent missives to Nigeria. Pastor Chris, through intermediaries, declined an interview with MannaEXPRESS, so I had to look elsewhere. He is accustomed to controversy, and his activities and personal life are dissected and commented upon in African media with the same scrutiny accorded to Hollywood celebrities in the American tabloid press.

    It’s a strange media world to these American eyes, with much of the coverage poorly sourced and gossipy in the extreme, but it points to the status of mega-evangelists such as Pastor Chris in the developing world, with its ravenous hunger for the miraculous. And the gospel. And gossip.

    It isn’t difficult to find scathing criticisms of Pastor Chris online. Some of it, however, seems motivated by jealousy. Pastor Chris reportedly has great personal wealth, and his church is growing worldwide by leaps and bounds.

    But a few reports had the heft of real news. The case against Pastor Chris goes roughly along these lines:

    Are the miracles real?

    The Sowetan newspaper, published in Johannesburg, South Africa, reported in 2008 that a Christ Embassy pastor—not Pastor Chris—had allegedly offered a man 10,000 rand ($1,287.00), a huge sum for most South Africans) to rehearse and pretend to be wheelchair-bound for a Pastor Chris crusade. He was to stand up and walk as soon as Pastor Chris finished praying for him. The man refused, according to the report by Gertrude Makhafola and Tebogo Monama.

    Jackson Ekwugum, publisher and editor of LifeWay, a respected Christian magazine in Nigeria, hasn’t heard allegations like this in Lagos, Pastor Chris’ Nigerian home base. But he notes that Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission has banned Pastor Chris’ Healing School “for various reasons including unverifiable miracles.” (Pastor Chris’ teaching programs still appear on television in Nigeria, and other ministries were also affected by the NBC’s crackdown on “miracle” programming.)

    Many followers of Pastor Chris, however, have testified publicly about healing miracles resulting from his prayers. It’s highly unlikely they’re all lying; his healing ministry cannot be dismissed.

    What is his relationship with controversial healer T.B. Joshua?

    T.B. Joshua is a well-known Nigerian healer who has been widely discredited by church leaders in his home country for mixing Christianity and the occult. Many rumors surround Pastor Chris’ association with Joshua, who Pastor Chris has called a “friend.” Some say Joshua mentored and “initiated” Pastor Chris, and that Pastor Chris even adopted some of the healer’s unusual mannerisms and tactics in ministering to the sick. Pastor Chris says that he never studied under Joshua.

    J. Lee Grady, former editor of Charisma magazine in the United States and a well-known columnist (whose work appears in these pages), has traveled and ministered many times in Nigeria. He has written investigative stories about T.B. Joshua, and believes Pastor Chris’ association with Joshua, whatever it entails, should give believers reason for pause. “In Nigeria you have occult healers in every corner,” Grady says. “This guy [Joshua] is a witch. All of his early history has nothing to do with Christianity. He started meeting Charismatic preachers in America and elsewhere, and he started passing himself off as a Pentecostal.”

    While miracles do seem to follow Joshua’s ministry, Grady and others are not impressed. “There are false miracles,” Grady says. “That is no surprise to Nigerians.” His article on Pastor Chris can be read here.

    Does he carry prosperity preaching to new extremes?

    Pastor Chris wears his prosperity boldly. He is known in Nigeria for his wealth and for reportedly traveling through Lagos’ clogged streets in a caravan of expensive vehicles, guarded by security agents and with sirens blaring. Pastor Chris is “glamour and gospel rolled into one,” as one Nigerian publication put it.

    Ekwugum credits the posh persona for some of Pastor Chris’ popularity. “Many people in Nigeria and Africa are desperate for success,” he says. “Pastor Chris’ very visible television ministry has accorded him fame and fortune. To many young people he is a picture of what they want to be.”

    Pastor Chris reportedly profits from the sales of the many publications distributed by Christ Embassy. But at the Higher Life Conference in Dallas, offerings were a decidedly low-key affair. Ekwugum notes that Pastor Chris isn’t much different from the other prosperity preachers populating the Christian airwaves.

    The problem of sin

    I must admit, reading all the reports about Pastor Chris’ ministry and personal life wore me out. What’s true, and what isn’t? Should I be disturbed by his emphasis on prosperity? I’ve seen, after all, that many of the criticisms against prosperity teaching are leveled by the comfortable classes. When you’re desperate for hope and staring down generations of abject poverty, life looks a little different.

    Same with miracles. I’d snatch up crumbs of healing if I were the mother of the ailing young woman I sat behind at the conference, blind and grotesquely disfigured.

    So I pushed the news reports to the back of my head and listened to Pastor Chris teach. And that made my stomach queasier than anything I read.

    On nights One and Two of the conference, the altar calls made no mention of the desperate condition that separates man from God—sin.

    So what exactly were these people being saved from?

    It was on night Three that Pastor Chris spelled out his unusual beliefs on sin. He used many Scriptures to support his teaching, which basically goes like this: The moment you are saved, you become born again. You are a totally new creature. Jesus’ saving work is completely finished in your life—you are the Righteous.

    The biblical law is for “transgressors,” or sinners. Since you are the Righteous, the law does not apply to you. The only law that is still valid for Christians is the law of love, and love, as Pastor Chris noted, is unselfish.

    Summing up Pastor Chris’ teaching on sin, Jackson Ekwugum says, “They believe that once saved, forever saved, and that if you sin it is the body that sins but the spirit is not affected.”

    So there you have it, a modern-day Gnosticism, the ancient heresy that claimed the acts of the body were irrelevant, that what really mattered was secret knowledge, “new” revelation.

    But the sick and the maimed who came to Pastor Chris’ U.S. conference weren’t there to parse theology. They just wanted to be healed.

    Oddly enough, Pastor Chris never prayed for them or even set foot in their section of the audience. On the first night there was much jockeying for position, to be just a bit closer to the miracle-worker and hopefully catch his eye. All to no avail.

    I could sense spirits rise and fall and fade away as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome briskly walked off stage to roaring applause when his message was finished. •

    Julie Lyons is a journalist, author, and editor. She lives in Dallas with her husband and son.

    Julie Lyons
    Julie Lyonshttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is a journalist, author, and editor. She lives in Dallas with her husband and son.

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    1. Hi i read your article on pastor chris and his program in arlington. Incidentally i was there and have had the priviledge of attending other programs of Pastor chris both in nigeria and in south africa. What got my attention while waiting for your punchline was when you and your contact in nigeria summed up his teachings as when you sin, its just your body that sins and not your spirit. This is so untrue and writing that misleads several pple reading this blog. Please get your facts right.

    2. I must commend the author and I congratulate MannaExpress on getting serious journalistic material within its pages that inspires conversation and debate.

    3. That is why we must all study to show ourselves approved. Too many man-made doctrines out there. God only helps those that help themselves. The church is really sleeping.

    4. “They believe that once saved, forever saved, and that if you sin it is the body that sins but the spirit is not affected.” So there you have it, a modern-day Gnosticism…”

      The writer got it all wrong. Pastor Chris’ message doesn’t encourage people to sin. To say sin is of the body and not of the spirit gives people a license to loose living. That’s not the message. Rather, he tells us that as a born again Christian, you’re the righteousness of God. Just in case you commit any sin, don’t let it weigh you down to the point that you start condemning yourself. Sin-consciousness is one of the devil’s strategies of putting Christians in bondage. The Bible says however that sin shall have no dominion over you (Romans 6:14). God doesn’t like sin, but sinning doesn’t change your nature of righteousness. When you do something wrong, all you have to do is ask your loving heavenly Father for forgiveness and He’ll forgive you. Also because you love Him, you’ll stop sinning.

      • Thanks Charles for putting it right. In short_ SwitchOnTheLight instead of screaming like the devil “YouAreInTheDark”. You know your sins, the Holy Spirit convicts you of it every time you sin, the devil reminds you always to try and keep you in your sin. Jesus the light of the world makes us righteous. If you gasp that truth you will surely be free from many stupid snares of the devil. Rather that looking at fixing your sinfulness look to the one who made you. Regarding the healing: I have seen miracles before and its not the pastor who heals but God, until God say reach for that person don’t expect God to be part of it. Ministers with the miraculous gift are not robots but vessels. The writer of the story got disappointed like the pharisees who wanted a miracle. Try next time…………

    5. I’m not a member of christembassy but listens regularly to pastor chris’ messages since 1998.Pastor Chris never preaches once saved always saved doctrin.Never. Get your facts right and don’t mislead people.

    6. Do we pray in the name of Pastor Chris? No. Do we pray in the name of any of his pastors, CEC members, their wives? No. Do we pray in the name of any Haven member or his wife? No. Pastor Chris HAD to BOW his knee and confess “Jesus Is Lord” just like all other New Creations. He is a created being. If you are not sure that what you hear from Pastor Chris is correct, PUSH him off your Father’s lap and spend some time with OUR Father God yourself. Then you will know how to pray. Remember, when Jesus Christ died he died for those who love him AND FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT.. We are required to love even our enemies, how MUCH MORE our brother, even if you do think he is in error. Let the 7 Spirits of God prevail!

    7. “Pastor Chris had held two altar calls for salvation, for becoming born again, and he had never mentioned, much less prayed for, man’s biggest problem—sin. Was this a new gospel?” The sin problem has in fact been dealt with by God Himself. Jesus died to solve the problem of sin for man, so how is sin still man’s biggest problem? Consider this scripture: 2Corinthians 5:19 “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” Please, read your Bible very well and consult with genuine ministers of the gospel before you lead others astray with your warped sense of scripture.

    8. May God forgive you for speaking such evil about an anointed man of God. James 5:9 says “Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.” it’s not your responsibility to judge anyone except you’re of the anti-christ. Advice to my fellow readers, please hold your faith strong and dont let her article sway your faith. she is indeed of the devil and an accuser of the brethren…

      • Well, well, well! You must have heard of the divorce proceedings filed by “Pastor” Chris’ wife on grounds of adultery. Continue deluding yourself about the integrity of this man and his “ministry”. He that is of the spirit judgeth all things. We are enjoined to be wise and discerning not stupid and simple. False Brethren will lead many to hell, so continue in blind loyalty to “pastor Chris”. The bible says woe to him who calls evil good.

    9. I think Jessica and Monica is the same person and most likely a member of Christ Embassy. The truth is way too bitter for you. You need to study the Bible to show yourself approved.

    10. Everyone need to read their bible and stop listening to others ramp on pastor christ. First of all chris is not god, he was choosen to spread the word of god. And if you read your bible and stidy and give your time to god. All the questions you have about the bible and sin and what ever else you have problems with. God will reveal it to you. Just draw yourself closer to god and he will draw closer to you. So stop listening to others and learn the truth on your own.

    11. 😥 people like this so called Pastor Chris is what is going to usher in the antichrist. TRUE saints of God will and do know the truth. People run fast and run far from this so called man of god for he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

    12. y are u deceiving people with this kind of write up my friend?? u who is a true christian, what right do u have to judge someone else? what do u expect,instead of getting close to Jesus we should spend time wondering about sin? Jesus died so we can have access to God when we want to not so we have forgiveness of sin all the time.

    13. That is not true Joseph, that God only helps those that help themselves. God is a helper to the helpless, God is hope to the hopeless, God is bread to the hungry, and a comfort to the lonely. God is a father to the fatherless, God is a friend to the friendless. God is a mother to the motherless, God is water in dry places etc… God is whatever you need Him to be, God is everywhere, Almighty, All Knowing, Only All Wise God. Keep those limitations on and to yourself. God does whatever pleases God! God will show mercy to whom He will show mercy. God is the first and the last, and don’t you forget it. God can do anything and there is nothing too hard for Him.It is a wicked generation that needeth a sign. Well no sign will be given you. You wicked brood of vipers don’t believe fat meat is greasy, but you’ll believe the fire is hot when it starts burning on your behind. Get a life preferrably in Christ, for he that hath Christ hath life–he that hath not Christ hath no life. Amen.

    14. Brothers & Sisters in Christ if we are walking with God we should be able to discern. So instead of sitting in judgement of one another let’s get on our knees & pray that God bless us all with LOVE & DISCERNMENT. God bless you all.

    15. Well I had a ton of things to say, well alot to say, something told me that unless I was knowledgable about what I was saying that I should just hold my tongue.
      Also my phone shut down when I was questioning God about what I was writing.
      Yes my prism is cloudy so the things I say would more than likely lead someones thoughts at the time in the wrong direction.
      So I will say nothing untill I am knowledgable to say something.

    16. i see this video i post on my account has done its good work there is many more videos on the page expossing this false teacher pastor chris check out my face book http://facebook.com/yeshuafreind.godschild

      there is more false teaching there he teaches and on niraland the anti pastor chris
      (Things Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Has Stated As Errors & False Teaching From Bible – Nairaland)

    17. united against christ embassy
      i see this video i post on my account has done its good work there is many more videos on the page expossing this false teacher pastor chris check out my face book http://facebook.com/yeshuafreind.godschild
      there is more false teaching there he teaches and on niraland the anti pastor chris
      (Things Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Has Stated As Errors & False Teaching From Bible – Nairaland)

    18. Whoever wrote this article had what u expect from a preacher, u were hugely disappointed that what u thought should have happened at the conference did not happen. Unfortunately, many of us understand this ministry and have been so blessed by his teaching. I will advise u to seek for wisdom, knowledge n understanding …leave the judgement to God. It is ur faith that makes u whole. U may hv been around some ppl that did not receive healing at the conference, what abt those that did receive healing? I was there too, and all I saw was the glory of God. It matters what u see.

    19. There are billions copies of the Bible in the word- how many can read and understand it- hardly few very few- and that the reason people listen to preachers- teachers- pastors….. and everyman has his own understanding,and ability to think – if by listening to a man who can free you from your traditions and religion and who can say I can never be broke again is better then stilling and listening to some one who talks about forgiveness- praise God he has given us people like pastor chris

    20. If you find someone lacking, pray to God. God did not call us to judge one another but to love each other. Instead of criticizing and making comments like that, better pray and let God take control of everything. What if what u wrote was wrong, would u sin because you did not understand his message???

    21. The claims and the allegations here-above mentioned is not a resource for a christian rather it is experience/mind of an individual who bears no responsibility on christian walk in faith with God.
      Church of Christ,i warn you to be shrewd as snakes;read the bible much by the power of the Holy spirit.Simply,the world can never PERCEIVE the fruit of the spirit of God because she don’t know Him.I ask you the writer to preach the gospel of Jesus in this stead and KNOW the gap you are trying to play is of Holy spirit Himself.
      Pastor Chris and the like of you be STRONG AND DO NOT LOOK BACK,only God who can stand with you and no one else.JESUS met all be you church,REJOICE!!THE BIBLE TELLS US ALL BEFOREHAND,PRAISE GOD.

    22. As a mother, does your child stop being your child becos he did wrong? It is common for little babes to mess themselves up and not be concerned about it. But as a child grows, he naturally puts away childishness. A child does not wake up one day and decides that today I will start walking. It is something he grows naturally unto becos it is the nature he is born into. This is how we are born into righteousness. By your new nature in God u will put off sin. Don’t let sin be your focus that is a real battle to fight. The battle of faith. Sin consciousness is only a distraction. Thank God the church is getting liberated from this mental Stronghold of the devil. I am free from sin and totally liberated.
      I have not listened to this message that is talked about. But I believe it is true. Because God ministered it Himself to me Via the Holy Spirit. I have a personal write up on it. Hallelujah.

    23. Thank you for your diplomacy and approach to your experience at the conference.
      I have the same concerns regarding the little mention of sin. Jesus Christ, our sweet Savior, came to save us from the wrath of God. Save us from what? Sin – that which separates us from Him. Salvation doesn’t put us in a bubble that protects us from every sinning again. No, salvation saves us from the consequences of sin – eternity without Him. As believers, it is our responsibility to be aware of the spiritual warfare and snares of life. We are righteous but we are also falliable.
      Thank you for your article. I appreciate how well you voiced your opinion but used your observations to adequately paint a picture for your readers of what real message Pastor Chris was and wasn’t preaching.

    24. I don’t know about this man that calls himself a pastor but I know that many people who have entitled themselves pastors perform miracles in the name and blood of Jesus using demonic powers to heal people. I don’t know about you but it is often said that if you eat from the plate of Satan you will perish like Satan. Many people are hungry for their heart desires to be fulfill but they often do not desire God’s ways or terms but man’s opinions, ideas, and ways of doing thing. This is one of the greatest weapons that Satan has against the church. He loves those who desperately desire something from God and takes the opportunity to exchanging the fulfillment of your desires to their soul. God bless.

    25. yes God works trough Pastor Chris your heart was so close looking at the wrong direction so you’ve lost the best in the conference :a communion with the Holy Spirit ….so sad


    27. Dear Julie Lyons. I appreciate ur concerns and i want to assume they are from a sincere heart. If you want to get Pastor Chris’ opinion(from the bible), get the message-THE CONCEPT OF SIN and also CHRISTIAN CONSECRATION. These messages extensively deals with these subjects. The higher life conference is for the higher life in Christ and not the issues of sins and devils. God bless as u yield urself to learning and understanding. I love you. Bro. Kufre

    28. I am really disappointed by this article. Julie Lyons its great that you took time to go to HLC USA but to pick things from the Internet that you have not substantiated as fact and publish them is Junk Journalism and just mere foolishness. I could write an article about how you slept with Jason D’prano and publish it on many Internet sites.That would not mean its true or wood it?

    29. By the final night, when none of the sick had been offered personal prayer, I had serious questions. And inner doubts, the kind that make you look around for a token of assurance that you are not, in fact, the only crazy person here. “Why is everyone around me so excited? What is wrong with me?”
      Or was it me?

    30. Well, such a long-long article with no spiritual sense @all…. But the question is; is this writter a born again? Cos i don’t seems to get him…

    31. Beloved of God, if u r a Christian u r ‘dead 2 sin’. Someone who’s dead doesn’t have the capability to respond to stuff around him. ‘Him Who knew no sin became sin that we would become His righteousness’. Hebrews 10:14 says that ‘by that one sacrifice, Christ has made perfect for ever those who are being made holy’. It’s clear from God’s Word that the righteousness we have is by grace through faith. You seem to have an issue with this subject of sin. May God open your heart so that u can realize that you’ve been cleansed from past sins(2Pet.1:9)

    32. Its a shame that many who responded to Julie Lyons account were really expressing negative mind set. I wish as many as read this her write up were sincere with themselves. Julie can’t be wrong because she was giving a graphic account of who she saw at the Higher Life conference. Be that as it may, it must be said that Chris is stretching a few of the biblical doctrine too far into false doctrine. For example, once saved and for ever saved doctrine is also known as Ultimate Reconciliation which in itself is false. I think Chris should look again into some of the things he is teaching and draw a balance.

    33. It’s a sad development that u guys don’t understand the era we are living in. It is called the end times & the love of many shall wax cold. Prosperity gospel is not scriptural, neither is the so called higher life of a Christian. What name would u give to the lives of countless Christians who are passing through trials & tribulations? Still the Bible says we should count it all joy when we do. Don’t close your heart to the truth & discernment of Julie Lyons. Instead of maligning her, make sure that your ears are not itchy to hear what the flesh lusts.

    34. Dear writer,
      With your carnal mind you cannot understand the things of the spirit. Please I give you this opportunity to accept the lordship of Jesus Christ so that your spiritual eyes might be open to see and know that all you see and think is not all there is. If you stand as a hindrance to the gospel or even to those preaching it I pity you because those who tried to do what you are trying to do always ended up in regrets. STOP!

    35. its a pity that even up to now there are sum people who still think like Judy.ma dear please seek first the kingdom of God for your to understand what Pastor is saying.He said I will bless those who bless you an Curse who curse you .so please be careful n buy those videos that KUF mentioned.WE STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH*****

      • I do work for a Global salvage oraginzation in Scientology In South Africa. For the simple reason I went to my church and ask were can I help to make a difference and serve my Father. I was told it’s under control. I sunk ed into apathy. How I got to work for Scientology Africa is a long story. But they asked me to help. If I could join your Ministry to reach lost souls and lead them to christ. Would be my greatest honor and my biggest dream. Could you help me making it a reality. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a Godly inspired day. ML. Maurithus

    36. Pastor Chris is a real man of God , with a deep knowledge of the word of God . When you listen to him , you can hear a bit of Haggins, Copeland , Creflo , Joseph Price and with the miracle working anointing of Benny Hinns .

      This article is full of false conclusions and I see it as one of those tools of the devil to dent the name of this man of God .

      Pastor Chris is a complete man of God , full of the holy spirit and wisdom of God .

      Well not everybody believe the messages of Jesus either , some even claimed his miracles were fake too and well they killed him for false teaching.

      If they could do this to Jesus , then who is pastor Chris .


    37. well everything this writer has said i will not condemn your effort by tryin to share ur revelation or vision what ever but i want u to go down and pray for god to deliver not to be used by devil like judeas to speak unclean word to a man of god……..whatever thin a person doeth in life is reckoned in heaven if they are witch or wizard if left with them and their god…god is the Judge

    38. 2,000 years ago JESUS said IT IS FINISHED.
      Either JESUS took care of getting rid of Sin, or it isnt FINISHED? FINISHED means
      the END of the whole matter. OVER WITH/ GONE/ By talking about this issue is to
      make the whole Victory of the Cross Null and
      Void/ The VICTORY of the CROSS is what this
      women dose not GET? STOP DRAGGING GOD down to your Carnal Mind level/ That is what it comes down to/ THE CARNAL MIND dosent get what happened? So there is NO Spiritual insight in this message. It is all CARNAL/ MOVE ON and get a New MIND.
      That is not to say that there are some serious things in Chris’s Ministry that need to be discerned, like pushing his books INSTEAD OF GODS WORD/ why do we need his books, when we have GODS BOOK?

    39. Pas Chris preaches the solution to sin and its effects which new birth and becoming a new creation. When you are bornagain the law of the spirit of life starts working in you and righteousness is the result. Just as it is in the nature of dogs to bark righteousness becomes your nature. But the religious minded cannot understand this. They need someone to tell them dos and donts.
      You are right in one thing Pas Chris has come to teach America the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and you had better pay attention.

    40. if you truely want to know what Christ Embassy believes and teaches, go to Christ Embassy International website for our statement of faith. You will have to admit that a single program is not enough for you to undertand fully what someone like Pas Chris is been teaching for over thirty years.

    41. Is it ok for me to continue sleeping around, I got born again but I’m still engaging in sex. Do you guys also struggle with sin, or must I just continue to sin and know that my soul is saved hehehehe this is fun gospel…thank you pastor for this demonic revelation

    42. This Pearl, you don’t seem to understand what the issue is at all.
      If you are sleeping around then most certainly you are not born again. When you get born again, an experience which is very real(you receive the life of God as well as the Holy Spirit), the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus starts working in you. You cannot sin because you are born of God. Go to youtube, Listen to Pastor Chris with an open and sincere heart.(Don’t mind all the negative things you have read or heard about him) You will be surprised. It will be the end of religion and the beginning of true christianity for you.

    43. What a messed-up piece! some dumb writer turned christian don’t know the gospel? well, Julie writes for a living, that’s why she remains on the page of sin. God help her!


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