Christian Marriage Counseling For Couples – Getting God-Inspired Guidance

    By Tom Janic

    [dropcap]C[/dropcap]hristian marriage counseling for couples who are motivated to follow God’s will and seek his guidance in their everyday lives, especially with relationship issues and most importantly Christian counselling, getting God inspired guidance. When your marriage or relationship is going through a rough patch it is vital that couples get good advice from a marriage/relationship counsellor, it follows that if you are Christian someone connected with your Christian community would be best.

    Many marriages start to fail because of a lack of communication bringing about an inability to relate to each other, there may be more serious underlying problems like adultery, lying, pornography or a myriad of other reason. At this stage it is essential that you seek marriage counseling for Christian couples, getting God inspired guidance to help you save your marriage.

    There are marriage and family counsellors on the staff of many churches, they may even have a counselling center which will provide good Christian marriage counselling and getting God inspired guidance. In addition to seeking to help you resolve your marital problems they will also find ways of making it stronger by drawing you closer to Christian doctrines. This counselling you will receive will get you both to consider your priorities by focusing on things that are important to you both.

    You may of course secular marriage guidance which, though it may be good, it will not be based on your Christian beliefs of the sanctity of marriage and the family. Without guidance based on the words of God, the choices that may be offered to you both will not satisfy your faith.

    When you start to have problems it is important that very seek help there and then, the problems will multiply if left the longer you delay Christian marriage counselling getting God inspired guidance, the more difficult they are to fix. Do not get into a state of denial you need to seek good advice and get back on track as soon as you can, good Christian guidance will help to achieve this.

    One of the biggest deterrents to getting the help you need, will be trying to convince your loved one that getting counselling is important. If this is the case go to your Christian counsellor for advice about convincing your partner to come with you for counselling.

    Your marriage is important to you so seek out a Christian marriage counselling program, as soon as you realise the need is vital.

    Once in counselling there will be things that come out that will be difficult to talk about, all of this must be faced with humility and an open mind. This will be especially true if you discover that you have been the source of some of the issues.

    Even after going through all the sessions it may be clear that the relationship cannot be saved, but at least you can say that you had good Marriage Counseling for Christian Couples.

    Together we have gone through these five stages, remember do not be tempted to rush things, give yourselves time to take these emotional steps, you have created the best possible conditions for a positive outcome. Space in this article will not allow me give to you more advice on marriage counseling for Christian couples.

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