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About MannaXPRESS

MannaXPRESS is an informative, general interest, faith-based magazine dedicated to empowering minds and inspiring hearts.

MannaXPRESS reflects the demography of heaven (all races) and addresses the practical as well as spiritual needs of people, ministries and businesses

MannaXPRESS Identity

What is MannaXPRESS?

MannaEXPRESS is not black, white, African, American, Middle East or Asian – it simply reflects the demographics of heaven – all inclusive.

MannaEXPRESS is a truth-teller dedicated to always speaking the incorruptible truth. It doesn’t offer a ribbon-tied ending where there isn’t one. 

MannaEXPRESS showcases the imprints of God in varied narratives of people’s life experiences. As a storyteller, it celebrates survivors, uplifts the needy and lost, and honors ordinary people doing extraordinary things for others.

MannaEXPRESS adds value to people’s lives by inspiring, informing and impacting them through unique content, outreach, news, resources and community interaction. 

MannaEXPRESS is a digital channel for individuals, ministries, businesses and organizations to display their products, services, events and ministries in front of a global audience.