Make it a duty to guard your thinking

    Guard your thoughts

    By Bishop Ronald D. Roston

    [dropcap]G[/dropcap]arbage in, garbage out. This cliché has far-reaching implications as we discuss our Christian life and the impact that stimuli, which enters our sensory gates, has on us. What strategies do you use to filter the information that penetrates your thinking, and ultimately affects your emotions, will, and body behaviors?

    Man is a triune being, just as God is a triune being; we were created in His image. God the Father, Spirit; God the Son, Spirit; and God the Holy Ghost, Spirit… all God, all Spirit. Man is a soul that has a spirit, both of which live in a body. Man the soul, man the spirit, man the body; all man; made just a little lower than God.

    The mind is the key to the soul. It is the portal that manages the information that matriculates through our visual, auditory, taste, touch, and smell senses. This information subsequently registers with our emotions; we like it or we dislike it. Eventually the information passes into our volition; our will. We will to do it or we will not to do it. And ultimately, this information thrusts our body into action; as we react to the initial stimuli that was filtered through the key to our soul; our mind.

    Therefore what we allow to penetrate our thinking has direct impact upon our physical behavior. Garbage produces garbage; it will never produce something lovely, positive or healthy until it is entirely disintegrated and decomposed from its initial state. It is only when there is a metamorphosis and chemical breakdown that the positive results of garbage can be experienced. This process takes a long time and usually is not realized in one’s natural lifetime. Hence, there is a need to keep garbage out of our thought life because the usual result produced is “stinking thinking.”

    The Scripture admonishes us to wash our minds with the water of the Spirit; the Word of God. We are also encouraged to be renewed in our minds and to put on the mind of Christ. We are told that we have been given salvation or deliverance as the helmet in our armor. We must protect our thought life by a daily infusion of the Word of God. This will facilitate the transformation which makes it possible for us not to be conformed to this world’s image and reality.

    It is up to us to guard against the stimuli that we know will cause us to entertain unhealthy and immoral thoughts. We know the images, music, smells, and touch sensations that will catapult us into thinking unwholesome thoughts, which will lead to deviant behaviors. We must safeguard our emotions and our will.

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