Lizzie Velasquez Asks – How do you define yourself?


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    Lizzie Velasquez

    1Samuel 16:7b “For the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart” sums up Lizzie Velasquez and her testimony.

    In a time when beauty is defined by supermodels, success is defined by wealth, and fame is deified by how many followers you have on social media, Velasquez asks the question “how do you define yourself?” Once labeled, “The Worlds Ugliest Woman,” Velasquez decided to turn things around and create her own definitions of what she defines as beauty and happiness.

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    Lizzie Velasquez

    Born weighing just 3 pounds, Velasquez doesn’t allow her weight of 63 pounds confine her to a corner.  Her strength, big heart, positive mind and confidence are on display at any given time. It is humbling to see how she takes all the bad in her life and turns it around to reach her goals.Velasquez uses the negativity she faces from cruel people to light the winning fire that has kept her till date. She chooses to love herself the way God created her instead of being hindered by her appearance.

    Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul. She has grown out of negativity into a pillar of positivity.

    Watch her sharing her mind blowing story below:

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