It is time to trim the wick

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    Trim the wick

    Jesus used light as an example of one of the characteristics of a true Believer.  He told His followers that they were the light of the world and as a result would stand out for all to see. (Matthew 5:14)  He said that a candle is not to be hidden but placed in a position where it can have its greatest effect.  I remember a song that I used to sing when I was growing up; it simply emphasized the importance of letting my little light shine until Jesus came.  I held up my finger and sang that I would not let Satan blow it out!  The Believer is to be a beaming example of the Grace of God.  Every candle has a limited time of usefulness.  Eventually, it will cease to be a candle, for the wick will eventually burn away.  We are not meant to live forever (earthly), but until our hour has come, we need to trim our wicks and burn brightly for the Kingdom.  John the Baptist understood that by being a burning candle, he would decrease as Jesus increased in his life.  People knew that the light John exhibited was an illumination of truth.  He never performed a miracle, but through his light he drew many people to Jesus. (John 10:4)

    If there is ever a time to stand out, it is now.  Darkness is spreading across our land as the night signals the end of time.  We need true Believers that are committed to our Triune God.  It is not time to retreat to our conclaves of protection (church building), but to treat the world as a harvest field of opportunity.  Instead of being an extension of the negative news headlines, let us extend the truth of the Gospel headlines.  Instead of being drawn into the negative atmosphere by sharing how bad things are, we should be boldly presenting Jesus’ actions of forgiveness and life, both here and for eternity.  Believers talk boldly around other Believers, but when it comes to a group of non-believers, we become strangely silent.  Why it that?  Some are afraid of offending others, so they remain non-committal to any dialogue that might cause ruffled feathers.  By not initiating their rhetoric in their community, they become offended by the use of the world’s rhetoric and see themselves as martyrs of the Faith.  Jesus said that anybody who is ashamed of Him and His words, He will be ashamed of him. (Mark 8:38) Another reason for horizontal silence is the shallowness of their faith.  They simply are ill prepared to present or even defend the Gospel.  Sadly, the world seems more dedicated to displaying and defending their lifestyle than Christians do in sharing their faith.  Still another reason for verbal and behavioral silence is some Christians are only spectators and not participants in the Faith.  They attend church and think that is all that is necessary for Kingdom citizenship.  Jesus has called us to be witnesses of Him.  It is just not sharing the Gospel when you feel comfortable, but to be willing to share about Jesus even to the point that it may cost your life.  (The word witness is taken from the Greek word “martus” which means martyr.)  Christianity is not a game, but a life style of complete commitment.

    As candles continue to flame out due to the home going of many veterans, it is imperative that new candles take their place.  God is calling for true Believers to step up and join the battle against Jesus’ nemesis and arch enemy, Satan. (Matthew 9:38)  God is not calling people to be a member of a loyal Christian fellowship, but to be part of an army that leaves the comforts of conformity and presents the uncompromising Truth to a truth starved world.  The more light, the less darkness.  How is your flame?  May God grant us understanding as to the intent of His Word!

    has been active in ministry for the past 50 years.

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