Is Your Body A Garbage Can Or A Temple?

    Is your body a garbage can
    Is your body a garbage can?


    By Ann O’Donnell

    In my experience, convincing people they need to eat right is as challenging as convincing them they need Jesus in their life. Both choices require drastic lifestyle changes which makes some people squirm under conviction. Most might rethink the subject when they find themselves in a heap of trouble from physical or spiritual sickness, and even then they put up a fuss because of the self-discipline required.

    The devil who wants to hide truths about salvation from God’s precious souls is the same devil who wants to hide truths about God’s diet.

    The devil who uses tactics to convince them eating junk food really doesn’t matter, is the same devil who uses tactics to convince people sinning really doesn’t matter.

    The devil who wants to keep us outside of God’s will is the same devil who wants to watch our bodies get destroyed by poor food choices.

    He will laugh and mock us for our ignorance or defiance, knowing he has an entry way into our thinking. He was in the garden watching, and continues to use deception as a method to steer people away from a personal relationship with God, and to also steer people away from adhering to the diet God gave humans at the time of creation.

    Why would the devil want the temples of the Holy Spirit to be sick? Because he hates what God loves. Many Christians believe it is ok to treat these temples with disregard and neglect. Why do people think they can fill their bodies with junk and not have to eventually pay for it? 

    Dr. Mark Hyman from Functional Medicine in Ohio offers this thought, “If Jesus came to dinner, what would you feed Him? If you believe God lives in you, why are you feeding Him junk? It’s really simple: leave out the food that man made, and eat the food that God made! And that’s all you have to worry about!”

    As a young mother raising four children, I did not know what was lurking behind food labels and the food industry’s secret agenda to create big business by adding chemicals to just about everything and still get away with calling it food. Lab technicians have been busy engineering foods, altering their molecular structures, and creating synthetic and toxic foods all for the sake of big profits.

    The burden of people living in deception, believers and unbelievers alike, led me to step out on a new mission field of educating people on the science of food and the importance of keeping our temples of the Holy Spirit undefiled by garbage food and junk foods. We have enemies out there, the FDA, EPA, CDC, WHO, and the AMA, along with the multi-trillion dollar empire of pharmaceutical companies, all in collaboration to destroy any belief that a monitored diet rich in nutrients will keep us healthy. The enemies of good health know that healthy people cannot make them rich.

    Here is an interesting thought; the scripture from Genesis 2:7 which states, “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground…”, teaches us that God used the top layer of the earth’s crust to form man. (…until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return…. Genesis 3:19)

    The earth’s crust was very instrumental in God’s design for human life. It was the elemental composition and nutrients in the soil found in the top layer of the earth’s crust that God used to create Adam. And no surprise, those same elements found in the soil which forms the crust of the earth are found in the human body. When we consume plant based foods grown in the crust of the earth, the supply of necessary nutrients and minerals get transported into our bodies – the way God intended. Good health is included in God’s redemption plan.

    Sadly, the Standard American Diet (SAD) does not contain these healthy nutrients and enzymes nor does it keep people healthy. Our foods have been heated, treated, frozen, pickled, preserved, processed, imitated, refined, bleached, stripped, microwaved, canned, fortified, chemicalized, deodorized, treated with additives, preservatives, fungicides, larvacides, pesticides, and an increasing number of foods are from the dangerous GMO seeds. Toxic in other words.

    Nowhere in the Bible does God tell us to stuff our bodies with these kinds of industrialized foods. Why do people think they can fill their bodies with junk and think it is ok?

    The quality of food determines your health. What you eat immediately becomes you. Changes to health can be made by understanding why self-care is a divine responsibility.

    This is the first time in history where it is predicted that parents will outlive their children. And the reason? The escalated amounts of harmful foods that are consumed by children.

    Look at the data of overweight adults and children and type 2 diabetes. One-in-two people are pre-diabetic. And that’s all because of sugar. Heart disease, cancers, dementia, depression, acne, infertility, are all a direct result of sugar.

    Breakfast cereal is 75% sugar. The average breakfast, lunch, and dinner for most people include sugar. It’s like eating dessert all day long. When you eat sugar, it turns on insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. It drives fat storage into the cells around your abdomen, and it literally sucks the fuel out of your bloodstream. So you actually feel hungry again, very quickly. Your body thinks your starving so your metabolism slows down, so you get two really bad things happening. If you eat the rights foods, you never have to worry about sugar related diseases.

    Your heavenly Father loves you and designed foods to promote health. Many diseases can be avoided if we stick to wholesome foods that God provides for us to eat. Unfortunately, many man made foods can be designed to look like healthy foods by their packaging and marketing strategies. They use the “power of suggestion” to lure shoppers into buying foods that are not healthy at all.

    Most cases of sickness, disease, and cancer are the result of a poor diet. This was never God’s plan. Man took it upon himself to change God’s plan into man’s plan and it has failed miserably. Look at all the sick people. Look at graphs, charts, and statistics showing the rise of how many people get sick and how many children are acquiring auto-immune diseases that stem from a poor diet, usually loaded with refined sugar. Look at all the cancer centers going up around the country. 

    For what it is worth to anyone reading this, my hope and prayer is that you become educated about the foods you put in your mouth, and ask yourself if they line up with God’s intended diet for humans.

    And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.

    Romans 12:1

     You are no longer your own. God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God.

    1 Corinthians 6:19-20

    Ann O’ Donnell is married with four children and loves Jesus.

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