Is Warfare The Same As Anointing?

    WARFARE is the way out of tribulations, persecutions, afflictions, adversities, captivities, and infirmities.

    Listen carefully:

    A. Anointing does not eliminate afflictions, warfare does!

    B. Anointing does not eliminate satanic brutalities, torments, and torture from the kingdom of darkness.

    C. Relationship with God, as powerful as it is, does not eliminate satanic activities, human afflictions, and demonic bombardment of your life and destiny. If it does, Job wouldn’t have been afflicted with numerous afflictions that left him wounded and almost wasted. I know you will say it was God that permitted it, but you will understand that later on.

    D. Anointing does not eliminate satanic destruction, or the termination of life, health, wealth, and destiny.

    I know you’re wondering what I mean? Now, let me explain what I mean.

    1. If your carriage of the oil will keep you from death, destruction and annihilation of your life, family, riches and wealth then, it would have prevented a very popular evangelist from loosing about 5 children in one accident ! The truth is an anointed man of God without anointed warfare prayers will end up in the pit or prison yard.
    1. It could have prevented the killing of John the Baptist and using his head as a birthday gift for the daughter of Herod’s wife.
    2. If Anointing can keep you from death and destruction then Saul and Jonathan wouldn’t have died a miserable death on the mountain of Gilboah and the hills of Ashekelon.
    3. Elijah, the greatest prophet of his generation, wouldn’t have submitted to the brutality of a devil incarnate called Jezebel.

    Have you noticed a lot of believers in Christ Jesus and ministers of the gospel usually experience marital delay, suffer financial limitations, experience more hardship than their brethren? Some are unable to fund their academic pursuits and personal development because of abject poverty – yet they’re heavily anointed and sent by God.

    In fact, so many ministers that are labeled fake ministers because they charge money to pray do so for ease from financial torture and hardship.


    ✓ If you have the call of God and hear the voice of God without the knowledge of how to resist the devil and his messengers, you will end up in the valley of tears and sorrow without end.

    ✓ Hear me, you need warfare to walk out of afflictions despite your dedication and commitment to God and his kingdom.

    ✓ Intercessory prayer is not warfare prayer.

    In Acts 16;16-25. Paul and Silas sang and the Holy Spirit came down. What are you singing?

    As you take wise steps today, may God answer you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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