Is Monetizing the Word of God An Act of Indiscipline?

    MannaXPRESS Monetizing-the-Word-of-God Is Monetizing the Word of God An Act of Indiscipline?
    Monetizing the Word of God

    By Dickson Adom

    The Word of God, as it is rightly so, issues from the creator of life, God. As such, no human being holds ownership to the good gems enshrined in the Holy writings. The copyright owner is exclusively the Almighty God. Thus, taking credit in the form of monetary payments by imparting any kind of service from this spirit-directed writings is a gross act of indiscipline against the Maker of all things, the Almighty God Jehovah.

    Many leaders of churches blatantly say that bearers of the good news must earn a living from it with the ultimate aim of duping their innocent followers and exploiting them for their material possessions. It is very distressing to hear and/or witness so-called men of God charging money for the services they render on behalf of their follower, Jesus Christ. For instance, some men of God impose heinous monetary charges on prayers, counseling, and fasting on behalf of their followers who run to them for comfort because they view them as representatives of the God of love. It is despicable to realize that some men of God have customized drinking water, soaps, and pomades that they sell to their followers or distressed persons who run to them for shelter at exorbitant prices. Thus, the poor son or daughter of God will not be able to receive the mercies and blessings of the merciful and loving God because of not having the monetary power to pay for these services. Should this be the case? Are these so-called men of God true followers of Jesus Christ or they are part of the false prophets prophesied to walk the earth?

    Before sending his disciples to go out into the world to preach the kingdom’s Good News, Jesus Christ emphatically instructed them not to take any money for the services they render to people via the Holy Spirit that God uses to impart them. In the scriptural account of Matthew 10:8, Jesus Christ said they received the Holy Spirit, which they used for healing and freeing distressed persons free of charge from God and as such, they ought to offer those sacrifices free of charge. Jesus Christ sets the classic example in this light. The scriptural account of the gospel lavishly illustrates the numerous preaching work, healing and relief services which were offered generously by Jesus Christ without a penny. In fact, Jesus Christ never wanted to impose the burden of his personal upkeep on his followers nor the recipients of the gospel. Owing to this, the scriptural account recorded in Mark 6:3 indicate that he engaged in the carpentry trade to fend for himself and his family. Following his perfect precepts, the first century Christians also did not monetize or market the word of God. The apostle Paul, despite the tiresome and the astronomical preaching activity he carried out worked as a tent maker because he did not want to oblige his personal financial yoke on the Christians in the various congregations as is stated in 1Thessalonians 2:9.

    Indeed, true followers of Jesus Christ would not in any way monetize or market the word of God. They would not trade and make riches from the word of God. They will not see the service of God as a money-making venture, but rather as a selfless, sacrificial work offered out of genuine love for God and man. However, donations or contributions offered willingly from the heart from the followers of Jesus Christ can be accepted and utilized in the promotion of biblical literature and other resources that aids in spreading the word of God globally. This resonates with the scriptural account in 2 Corinthians 9:7 which contends that God loves cheerful givers and as such all donations offered for His service must not be under compulsion from any servant of God but must be offered genuinely from the heart.

    Therefore, it will be wrong and an act of gross disrespect against the merciful God and His dear son Jesus Christ, who are epitomes of love for so-called men of God to monetize and market the word of God. Such men of God must repent and change their course of life to be sure of gaining God’s approval and potential salvation. In truism, God’s word must not be traded for money but must be offered free of charge with great passion and love for God and fellow man.

    Dickson Kwabena Adom has a strong passion for writing on virtually every global issue. Influenced by his academic training in Art, Cultural Anthropology, Computer Technology and Education, his articles are targeted at using his expertise in these diverse fields in addressing the ills of global society. He is also an erudite researcher and a member of the Open Researcher and Contributor Association (ORCID), Research Gate, LinkedIn, Mendeley and European Centre for Research, Training, and Development. 

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