Illusions of a Staged Life

    MannaXPRESS staged-home-e1450852188888-2  Illusions of a Staged Life

    By Jeaniene Bonner-Davis

    I often awaken early with thoughts of praise and appreciation for a new day filled with grace and new mercies. This particular morning my spirit was full of contentment for the journey through counterfeit to authentic was challenging yet rewarding. I enjoy watching HGTV programs about home renovations, buying and selling, landscape architecture and anything that transforms a bleak before, to an astounding beautiful ever after. I’m especially amused by the gift of artistry and vision God gives us to create. How some of us who share this magnificent gift can see beyond disarray to envision the beauty beyond physical sight.

    One particular program on HGTV, demonstrates the vision, planning and renovation stages of home design to bring a once beautiful home back to its original majesty.

    In correlation to our own lives, we must seek God’s word to know, trust and believe His plan for our lives and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us through complete restoration until we are restored to our original majestic state of being.

    During the planning stages of our lives, I believe God pre destined and purposed each of us for greatness. The Great Architect destined the universe in His majestic likeness, The Chief Cornerstone created us to stand and live on a solid foundation: His Holy Word!



    I’ve watched shows on HGTV where the buyers are elated to start renovation only to discover the foundation is bad and has to be repaired at a great cost they have not planned for. The budget is then re-routed to include the repair which takes away from the ascetics and décor budget of the project. That’s real talk in the world. Man’s abilities are limited because of sin; whether by greed or selfish motivations. God’s Kingdom is limitless, an infinite and eternal trilogy of power that consists of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. No extra cost to you is necessary to renovate your life; it was all bought and paid for at Calvary. When you submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ you are planted on the Rock of your salvation.  The foundation is laid by Jesus the Chief Cornerstone. The best part of this divine intervention is JESUS [HE] will do it; just ask.

    At the end of a renovation on HGTV shows, I watch with great anticipation as the staging process is implemented. This process consist of shopping which I like, what I don’t like is the shopping that takes place at an interior design center where furniture, pictures and décor is rented.  During the great reveal when the renovation process is over and the before and after is revealed, The homeowners, sellers or buyers are greeted with a picture of staged beauty that gives a happy ever after illusion of what their lives could be, living in that home.

    The show is over, staging a temporary design solution because the cost of foundation repair was unaffordable, has deemed the renovation a success. God’s Kingdom is infinite, authentic and free.

    Apart from God the world conditions mankind into a staged life. We walk through life with an emotional high of false fulfillment of staged illusions. Who are we selling this illusion to? More importantly, why are we buying into the staged illusions of joy, peace and success that are fallible?

    I behold the light of day peeking through the blinds of my bedroom window.

    I open my blinds to capture the beautiful sunrise that greet a new day and thank God I have journeyed from illusion to authentic. I live in the presence an infallible God through Jesus Christ who lives in me. No staging required…..

    Jeaniene Bonner-Davis is the Host, Creator and Executive Producer of Vine Life Radio show. 

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