I Don’t Have A Jaw But I Found Love

    Until he met his beautiful wife Vania, Joseph Williams who was born without a jaw, never imagined he would ever find true love.  The 41-year-old from Chicago has a rare congenital disorder, orofacial syndrome, that makes him unable to eat or speak with his mouth. Instead, he relies on an eating tube and communicates through a mobile device and sign language.

    Joseph and Vania met at work in 2019 and became good friends. With time, Vania fell in love with him despite his disability and they got married in 2020. According to Vania, “I didn’t see his face anymore. I just saw his spirit and his personality.” 

    MannaXPRESS Joseph-williams I Don't Have A Jaw But I Found Love
    Joseph and Vania Williams

    However, things weren’t completely smooth-sailing with so many skeptical opinions and scrutinizing eyes, especially on Vania, that often gets accused of “cheating on him.” Others say they’re doing what they do “for attention” and would ask if they could kiss or be intimate.

    Their relationship has faced judgment from family members, friends, and even strangers accusing Vania of not marrying Joseph for love, possibly cheating on him, and accusing her of seeking attention. Rather than entertain the negatives, the happily married couple believes their love goes way beyond their physical difference.

    Watch their story below:

    Sidney Cole writes about news happenings around the world. 


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