I once lived in a dope house but look at me now

    [dropcap]M[/dropcap]y name is Shanice Antwine and am 16 years old. I am already ahead of the game that tries so hard to hold kids like me back. I refuse to give in to the plan of poverty, violence, drugs, and teen pregnancy that is affecting my generation. I have been a victim to almost all these circumstances throughout my life but I chose to rise above the stereotypes that prey on inner city teens like me.

    I come from a single parent home with an older sister who is attending Steven F. Austin as a freshman this year. I’m so proud of her that she made it to College. I want to follow right in her footsteps next year God willing.  I want to study music and performing arts along with business.

    I grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Fort Worth, but I used it to my advantage to pursue my dreams even harder. I grew up fast because growing up in the inner city you have to be quick on your feet or you will get stepped on. It seems like drugs, violence, homelessness were my way of life for a few years and as I was going through I managed to keep myself positive and on top of my school work.

    People never knew my mother and I were homeless. I was singing on the radio and signing autographs with no where to live other than the dope house.  I was always in school, at choir rehearsal, in the studio recording, on stage or rehearsals, playing golf, running track, playing basketball, or braiding hair to make money. I have my own successful hair braiding business. I work by the right side of my mom and that is how we survive. I help my mother with rent and small bills to take stress off her because it’s hard for her to go get a regular job as a result of her past life and criminal background. You think that stops my Mom it doesn’t; I see her grinding and I grind with her because we are a team.

    You have to have a good teacher to have the right things instilled in you and I see that in my life. It might not be glamour but it’s my life and I chose to continue on the right path God has pre-destined me to have. I want to encourage all young girls out there to keep on pushing and never give up on yourself just because you can’t see the big picture. Your age doesn’t matter; your actions speak louder than words so move forward with a positive plan in life and God will bless you according to His will.

    I started singing and performing at the age of 8 years old and at 16 I am seeing what all the hard work and training was all about.  I am tops in my class, working on my debut album, my freshman project and seeking how to get to the next level with my music.  The God that is doing it for me can do it for you.

    Open your mouth and ask Him and it is a done deal.

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