“I Am Filing For A Divorce”

     By Nadia Harris

    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter much evaluation of my life, my past, my present and visualizing my future, it is imperative for me to move forward. I realize I can’t move forward while being hindered and distracted by my past failures, hurts, mistakes or my present issues. So I have filed for a Divorce.

    I am divorcing fear and Marrying Faith. I am divorcing hurts, pains and Marrying Healing. I am divorcing lack and Marrying Abundance.

    I am divorcing insecurities and Marrying Self Confidence.

    I am divorcing negative thoughts and Marrying Positive Affirmations.

    I am divorcing anger and Marrying Happiness.

    I am divorcing unbelief & Marrying Belief in Myself.

    I am divorcing death of dreams and Marrying Life.

    I am divorcing the church and Marrying the Kingdom.

    As my husband, “Dr Breakthrough” says, I am divorcing my past and Marrying My Future!!! This divorce is FINAL!!

    What do you need to divorce???

    By Nadia Harris










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