How to travel like a flight attendant

    MannaXPRESS travel-light-e1433301829835 How to travel like a flight attendant

    By Wendy Taylor-Hill

    Before I begin each trip, I plan ahead what I want to wear and bring on my journey. For 2-4 day trips I will carry 2-3 outfits, and 2 pairs of shoes. For overnight trips, I carry as less as possible.

    Other things to do before your trip:

    * Check the weather of your destination
    * Have at least 3 contact numbers written down
    * Copy of your ID or passport
    * Make sure your luggage is the proper size for a carry on

    How to Pack Like a Pro:

    * Place your shoes in a shoe bag and place them at the bottom of your luggage
    * Roll your pants and blouses and skirts
    * For dresses, I like to put them in that plastic that you get from the cleaners and fold them over once and place on top of everything else.
    * Don’t forget your pajamas or lounge wear
    * Bring a swimsuit, you never know, you may want to get in the jacuzzi at the hotel
    * Don’t bring your expensive jewelry
    * Always bring a tote bag for toiletries and water bottles, etc.
    * Carry hand wipes
    * Bring your own headphones

    Travel Tips:

    * If your bag is oversized, you can check it at the gate as a courtesy
    * Check in for your flight online if possible
    * Arrive at airport early at least 1 -3 hours before your boarding time
    * Get through security quickly by enrolling in TSA Pre-check, go to TSA.Gov website
    * Don’t post your travel itinerary on social media
    * Make sure your luggage has your name, address and phone number
    * Do not place your wallet or computer in the seat back pocket
    * Carry an empty water bottle
    * Always bring a sweater or travel blanket, a lot of airlines don’t provide them
    * Onboard the airplane, always know your nearest emergency exit location

    At The Hotel:

    * Always be friendly to hotel staff, ask for a possible free upgrade. Give them a small gift of appreciation
    * Join the hotels rewards program
    * Do not place luggage on the floor ~ Use the luggage rack
    * Check bed for bed bugs
    * Sanitize the remote control
    * Ask the hotel desk where is the nearest drug store or hospital, in case of emergency
    * Always know your nearest exit location out of the hotel

    How To Prevent Jet Lag:

    * Get plenty of rest before your trip
    * Take frequent naps
    * Drink plenty of water
    * Do not take any sleep aids while onboard the aircraft

    There’s a lot of things to remember when you travel; so we want you to be well prepared each and every time you travel.
    Now you are well prepared for your next journey, we wish you a safe and wonderful trip!



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