How to Taste and See That the Lord is Good

    By Robert R. Fern

    You can truly taste something only when you eat it. I can show you an apple and describe that it is beautiful, ripe, sweet, and soft. You can mentally form an image. However, you will never experience the taste until you eat it. The same way you can only taste God when you go through very trying circumstances and sufferings. Christian websites cannot help you in those situations.

    Circumstances create opportunity

    When you go through difficult financial, relational, or physical circumstances, sometimes it is impossible to solve them.  This is an opportunity for you to taste God in action.  When your self-efforts or even other human sources let you down, you have a choice to look up to God.

    You can read the Bible. Do Research on books and media. Go to Christian websites. However, they cannot help you. You will go through situations where you need to experience the goodness of God in intervening for you. Otherwise you would have no idea how good it.

    Human efforts have limitations

    God is always there to come to our rescue. However, we usually go to him as a last resort. Still he is willing to save us. The point is only when your efforts and other human help reaches a point of helplessness, you can say with certainty that only God helped. If you do not go through this then you cannot say with full confidence, ‘O taste, and see that the Lord is good.’

    Yes, God commands you to use your available resources, knowledge, common sense, and ingenuity. You can pray for wisdom as well. However, you exhaust these resources, it is usually a miracle, or direct intervention from God is what you need.  Christian websites cannot help you.

    God is not limited

    God has neither limitations nor impossibilities. He is omnipotent. Resources or circumstances do not limit him. Faith believes that God exists and that he rewards those who diligently seek him. The bible affirms that God intercepts and intervenes on your behalf.  Christian websites cannot help you When you reach a dead end, nowhere to turn, go to God. Read and assure yourself countless stories of miracles in the bible.

    God invites us to seek him

    There are some stipulations before God can act on your behalf. You need to seek him with all your heart. This suggests the seriousness and desire to reach God.  When you seek him with all your heart, you will find him. However, If you go to him with doubts, fears and alternate plans, the bible says such a person will not receive anything from God. The intention and attitude makes the difference.

    King David experienced all types of situations, trials, and humiliations in his lifetime. IN all these, the bible says David strengthened himself in the Lord. You should go to God when all else fails, then you will taste that the lord is good.

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