How to Pray For Children Who Have Gone Astray

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    Children that have gone astray

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this world of moral decline where children are enticed and pulled away from right living earlier than ever in their lifetimes, all parents wish they could equip them with armor that would protect them until they become strong, wise adults. Psychologists say a problem child is symptomatic of problem parents. So just in case that is the case, begin when praying for a child, by praying for the child’s parents. Prepare your heart to pray. God listens to the heart more than the words of the prayer. By preparing, I mean, let it sink into your heart that you are not warring with the child or the child’s friends, but an enemy who has them in bondage. He wants to destroy them at most and in so doing, destroy your faith and your testimony. At the very least he will settle for destroying your peace, hope and joy.

    If children were being held by a human who coerced them to do destructive things, you would be angry at the human, not the children. Putting the blame where it belongs saves a lot of unnecessary anger at the wrong person. While it may look as if the child is a willing participant in this bondage, if he or she could see what is really going on, they would be terrified. They probably won’t see it even if you tell them a thousand times. They will only see it when God heals their blindness.

    Let it sink into your heart that God is not willing for anyone to perish, and that He loves both you and the child more than you could ever imagine. Therefore if you pray for the salvation of the child, what you want is what God wants. Your will is lined up with His. Remind Him through Jesus how He healed people who were far away just because someone asked Him to. Remind Him that He healed, and cast out demons from people who were unable or unwilling to ask Him themselves. Others asked for them, sometimes at a distance, but He never refused. He said, “Ask anything in my name, and I will do it.” Trust Him who cannot lie to fulfill that promise. I have seen some awesome results, some fast, some not so fast, but all amazing.

    Put this prayer in your own words, or weep your feelings to God without a single word. Pray it for yourself, or anyone you feel compelled to pray for. They don’t have to be present when you pray. In fact, they don’t have to know you’re praying for them. The enemy will know it. Prepare for resistance so strong you’ll be tempted to give up. Whatever happens, whatever they do, don’t stop praying for them. An attack is usually a sign you’ve made some headway. I’ve sometimes said aloud to no one but the enemy, “The more you fight, the more I’ll pray.” He is no match for Almighty God and he knows it. Remember even when Jesus was casting out demons, they usually took one last blast at their victim before they left.

    Example Prayer: Father in Heaven, in Jesus name, I praise you for your Goodness and Mercy. I am glad that you are in control of all things, and not willing that any of us should perish. I thank you for caring even for the least of us. I thank you for life and life eternal, and for your provision, protection and healing. Forgive me for my weaknesses and my sins that are past counting, and remind me of Your mercy to me when I am tempted to be unmerciful to others and to myself.

    I bring before you this child and ask you to bless him (her) with freedom from bondage to anyone or anything but You, for Your yoke is easy and Your burden light. Search his heart, cleanse it, purify it and heal it of all wounds and weaknesses that allow the enemy to gain foothold and set up strongholds. Let your light and love fill his heart and shine healing into all the dark places, and let his healing be complete. Deliver him from the enemy and protect him. Bless him with vision to see the truth. Don’t let him be deceived and don’t let him deceive himself. Bless him with wisdom and understanding so that he realizes his need for You and understands how much You love him. Bless him with a tender open heart to accept Your love. Fill him with Your Spirit so that It overflows and reaches those around him. Bless him with courage and strength to withstand the attacks of the enemy. Bless him with peace and a life that blesses You, and brings you honor and glory and praise. Let all things be done according to Your will, in Your perfect time and for Your glory. For You alone are worthy of all devotion from all creation forever and ever. Amen.

    Sometimes I want to say something eloquent to an eloquent God, but words almost always seem inadequate. The more I thank Him, the more the Holy Spirit guides me in what to pray. Or I read from the Psalms aloud and that becomes my prayer. Again, what matters most is not what you say, but what is in your heart when you take your requests to God.

    Marsha Lee Hudgens is the author of “Good People Bad Marriages” and countless articles for newspaper and internet. 

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