How to overcome adversity

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    By Frank Jennings

    Let’s face it, at some point in our lives we all are going to face adversity. Some of the challenges we face will be small. Other challenges we face will be large. No matter what we say or how we act, there is no way to avoid them. In order for us to reach a comfortable level of personal achievement, we have to learn how to overcome adversity. In this article, I will be sharing a story with you full of tips on how to do just that.


    A few years back, I found myself in a slump at my job. My performance was so poor that if just one more thing didn’t go in my favor, I would have been moving back home to stay with my parents. If my manager didn’t like my posture, haircut, or tie color it was a wrap for my career. The odds were not in my favor. It was the bottom of the ninth with two outs and I was on deck to go against the best pitcher in baseball. I was down by 14. (I don’t play baseball.) Sorry for the sports analogy. It’s a guy thing.

    There was nothing that could happen that would keep me from getting fired. Every night I would go home and start updating my resume while planning for what was going to be next with my life. The sad thing was I really loved my current job, I was just burnt out. I worked a lot of overtime, took on new projects, and was a great mentor for my peers. All of my extra effort had took its toll.


    Then one night, while overcome with frustration, I made a critical decision that I wanted my job and made commitment to do whatever was necessary to keep it. I thought to myself that there had to be something I could do to overcome these issues I was having. I refused to go down without a fight. I couldn’t walk away without giving it my all. The first step I took to overcome adversity was to make a commitment.


    I took a few days off and spent some much needed time evaluating my strengths and my shortcomings. I needed to locate every particular facet of my behavior that worked in my favor and clearly identify actions that were detrimental to me. During this reflection, I realized I was extremely productive during the early part of my shift and failed to maintain accuracy and focus as the day went along. I learned that I found pleasure in helping other achieve their goals but didn’t put a lot of energy into reaching my own. I discovered that my poor performance was due to a lack of continual motivation.


    With all the information I had gathered from my time off, I went back to work with a clear plan. Since I knew I was most productive during the beginning of my shift, I put all of my energy and effort on the things that required a critical eye and a lot of energy right at the start of my day. I did everything I could to reach or get ahead of my daily production goals as soon as the day began. Then as the working day progressed, when I would start to lose focus, I would take some time and go mentor my peers. While helping my peers, I noticed my energy level picked up and I was more excited about the remainder of the day.


    As more time passed and my performance was starting to improve, I began to re-evaluate my new habits. This allowed me to improve on the things I was doing well and get rid of things that were not as successful. I focused on improving my processes and not only on the overall outcome. With this new focus, I was able to develop a consistent path for continual improvement. When things went wrong, I wasn’t fearful, I just adjusted my plan.

    When it comes to personal achievement, overcoming adversity is one of the greatest tools in your belt to help you build the life you have been dreaming of. Through my own personal experience, I have learned a formula that has allowed me to thrive in challenging situations. For your convenience, I have provided it below:

    Recognize the Adversity
    -Specifically identify what you need to overcome.

    Make A Commitment to Overcome It
    -Don’t just say you want to overcome, commit to it.

    Evaluate Your Situation
    -Recognize how you got in this situation and determine what it will take to get out of it.

    Make A Strategy
    -Don’t go into a battle without a plan. Be very strategic in every aspect of your life. Plan to overcome.

    Readjust As Necessary
    -Make sure you take the time to improve the things that are working well and get rid of the things that don’t.

    Adversity comes to make us stronger. The next time a challenge comes your way, don’t be afraid to step forward and accept it. I know you can handle it.

    Frank Jennings is the founder of A Spark Starts where he writes life changing inspiring stories to help others reach their full potential. This site is full of compelling stories based on the specific situations that we face in our lives. Stop by today and read about overcoming adversity, parenting, relationships, health, endurance and many other relevant and timely topics.


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