How To Identify A Spiritual Attack

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    Spiritual attack

    By Denise Joyce Williams

    The spiritual climate among believers is pretty much at an all time high. Every prophetic person, ministry or book is pointing out that a tremendous move of God is about to take place. The book of revelation is more alive in our lifetime than ever before and even Hollywood is citing biblical references in movies. Our society is unraveling to the point that even the most faithful are backsliding as leaders are falling into sin.

    One message that is clear is that Christ followers must keep their ear to the ground to hear what the spirit of God is speaking in terms of direction. We are all aware spiritual attacks occur, but how do we know we when we’re the bulls eye? Is there a way to know?

    Yes, we can identify spiritual attack. God has given us clues in the word. There is a climate that must first exist in our lives that is essential in helping us pin point if we are indeed under attack. It must be pointed out that lukewarm believers are not attacked in this manner. Why? Well, because they’re already living in a state of compromise which is basically sin. However, those that are living faithfully and seeking God daily are targets for the enemy. He’s looking for an open door to create chaos for those that are generals in God’s army. Such adversity would crush the babes in the faith. We can take comfort in knowing that to whom much is given much is required. I’m encouraged to know that God anoints those who are dealing with true warfare to minister to the faithful.

    Spiritual attacks have very distinct characteristics that are obvious to the discerning. One way attack comes to us is in our minds. Satan loves to try convincing us that we are not worthy to be blessed or could never be effective. He lies in wait for moments to make us doubt our very salvation by reminding us of a huge blunder we’ve made at some point in our lives. His job is to keep us preoccupied with the past to stagnate our progress. The bible tells us to seek renewal of our minds to combat the ghosts of the past (Ephesians 4:23). A lifestyle of practicing holy living combined with fasting and prayer transforms our spirit. We all have thoughts of the past, but when these thoughts hinder how we interact in the Kingdom it could be a sign of an impending demonic attack.

    Another tactic of the enemy is to orchestrate negative circumstances so that we’ll doubt if we even heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. The adversary can influence organized congregations against us and this body could even include family. For inexplicable reasons you could be ostracized for some minor infraction or even released (kicked out) of your church! Take note that even if you occupy a leadership position you are not exempt from this fate!

    Remember David in the battle of Ziklak? David went to Ziklak to war against the Amalekites but his victory was bittersweet. When he arrived back in his own city he discovered it had been burned to the ground and the women were kidnapped. Two of his wives were also among the hostages. So while he’s off winning one battle another erupted on the home front. The company of now angry men who fought with him gave him little time to grieve; instead they discussed stoning him to death for his decision to go into battle in the first place (1 Sam 30:6). How could he hear God clearly with such a multitude coming against him? The enemy often tries to distract us with the “did I make the right call” dilemma. Don’t lose ground when this scenario is present! Remain in the word. Our study must remain consistent to be validated in God’s eyes (2 Tim 2:15). When holding a position that leaves us poised for a move of God, warfare definitely will erupt. Expect it! The key to a victorious outcome is in knowing how to recover. David simply asked God if he should pursue his enemy, did so and prevailed.

    Lastly, spiritual attacks can be brutally direct. Direct warfare can come from an authoritative figure or someone close to us whose spiritual opinion we respect. This pressure could emanate from a supervisor, pastor, master prophet, those that believe the can levitate or any person that can directly impact your quality of life. Moses was in such a quandary with pharaoh. These are people who impose unreasonable demands and when they are not met; cite how inept we are. In essence, the message is to “make bricks without straw” (Exodus 5:7). Oppressive tactics such as these is yet another identifier that you may be under spiritual attack. The goal here is to force you into a continual re-examination of your every action so that prayer or worship time is greatly diminished leaving you vulnerable.

    These are but a few ways we can identify if we an attack. We need to remember spiritual attack comes when:
    1) we are on the brink of a major breakthrough
    2) We have remained fully committed to God during our wilderness period and
    3) our blessing will be a catalyst to impact a larger number of people.

    We can find peace, direction and protection in the arms of the Lord. Be aware, keep your ear to the ground and enjoy your walk with the Father.

    Be encouraged and blessed, child of the MOST HIGH GOD!

    Dr. Denise Joyce Williams lives in Florida with her husband.


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