How to handle multiple trials

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    multiple trials

    By Michael Hume

    Job had one trial heaped upon another. It is not natural to have so much heaped on you all at once. If you are going through something similar keep praying it up to God, waiting on Him, and following the Holy Spirit, Your prayers will be focused, succinct, and spontaneous. God is very near you when trials are harsh.

    If you are going through life handling say one or two sets of persecutions, or maybe a few more, and still ticking over and then suddenly out of the blue comes another three or six or more don’t worry. God is able to help you handle all at once no matter what the number of trials or their ferocity and nature.

    “The multitude of your enemies will become like fine dust, and the multitude of the ruthless ones like the chaff which blows away.” Isaiah 29:5. God is able to take out all your enemies at once in a second if He wanted to but He always has a purpose in sending trials upon us. “In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”Romans 8:28. All these trials have a purpose for us and in due time God will make known that purpose and turn the trials to good for you. They will make you more like Jesus and God will reward you.

    When you go through a massive satanic attack, tell God about it in prayer, and expect Him to help. He will. For weeks it might seem that you are walking around in mist, which slowly is getting more and denser. You are looking for visible markers, anything to help you out, scenting the air for an odor that might guide or reassure you, or a sound that might sound definite and draw you to safety. But no, it seems to be a grey world and you seem disorientated. Don’t worry. You have God with you and an inner GPS system that you can reboot by Bible reading and prayer.

    Also God may want you to try another approach. One day He said to me to read out loud all the specific things He has said to me over the last twenty seven years through the Bible. I got out one of my older Bibles in which I have marked the specific phrases God has highlighted over the ages and began reading them aloud. These are promises, prophesies, praises to God, hopes, dreams, rebukes to Satan, assurances, etc… This is exerting my rightful authority in faith. Jesus said “If you have faith as small as a grain of mustard seed you can say to this mountain “Move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible to you” – Matthew 17:20. Speaking the words will shift the fog or the mountain. You are speaking words of life and faith into your own future and whoever the words are intended for.

    God wants you to get you into your rightful position with Him. In the marines there is a method of getting back on top of a horizontal rope stretched over a ravine, say. If you are traversing over the rope pulling with both hands and lying on top, and if for some reason you lose balance and are now dangling with two hands, there is a nifty way of getting back on top. It is called a regain. You first hook both feet onto the rope and are now upside down, and then in a learned move, you can flip your body back on top of the rope. Now you are more at rest and can continue without the strain. Or take an Eskimo roll in a kayak enabling you to flip right side up if you are thrown off balance and find yourself fallen in the water. You do a sideways barrel roll or a 360 degree rotation going underwater yet remaining seated in your kayak. God helps you regain your rightful position also in very nifty ways which you learn by journeying with Him. You must regain your position with God to survive.

    Michael Hume. Been following Jesus daily since 1987. Enjoys writing insights from God. 

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