How to deal with the Time Thief – Procrastination

    MannaXPRESS Procastination-e1517202109112-2 How to deal with the Time Thief – Procrastination

    By Misi Fon

    Procrastination, the habit of putting off until later what can be done today, even now, is a growing menace. Do you find yourself relegating tasks to the background just because you feel you are pressured, and waiting until later when there is even more pressure?

    Students and Procrastination

    As a student, have you had to prepare for a test of which you had been told like three weeks before? Instead of preparing well in advance, procrastination tempts you. You decide to play games or watch TV. You push it continuously till the night before. While everyone sleeps, you start memorizing equations, formulas and the likes. You lose sleep, wake up with a tired mind, and groggily sit for your test. The most likely outcome is this; you do poorly and might have to re-sit for the test.

    Mothers and Procrastination

    Are you a mother who decides to put of house chores until later? You’ll probably have a messy home with so much to do eventually that you just don’t do them at all. This wouldn’t speak well of you as your kids will grow up with the same tendencies. Your husband might as well get irritated by your inability to keep up with your responsibilities as a home maker. It’s enough for him to lose some of the respect he had for you.

    Employees and Procrastination

    Are you a worker who decides to put off paper work until it is more convenient? Ernesto Reuben of The Telegraph once stated that procrastination seriously affects productivity at work and can cost considerable amount of money as impatient workers postpone paperwork indefinitely. You might be in the habit of procrastinating just because you feel there are other things to do that won’t take much of your time. Well, you are building unnecessary stress for yourself. You will still have to do them later. You’ll end up rushing through it and delivering poor work, probably with lots of errors. You’ll cost your company some money and cost yourself your job.

    The Cost

    Procrastination is costly. It costs you time and productivity. A wise person carries out his or her task at the most advantageous time. You’ll thus be a step ahead. This way, you’ll get it done quicker because you’ll be more relaxed and have more time on hand to deliver better results.

    What to do

    • Start – even if you can’t finish now. You will find out that once you start with what needs to be done, the easier it gets.
    • Break down what you need to do into bits. Afterwards, you can take it one after the other over a period of time.
    • Make a list of all jobs or assignments. Start with the more difficult ones and check them off as you go. You’ll find out that it gets easier.
    • Do not loiter at your business. What is worth doing is what doing well and now.

    Self control and discipline are essential qualities to possess if you are to successfully conquer the habit of procrastination. Self control includes the ability to say no. it is that quality that moves you to stop and think about your proposed action and likely consequences.  Discipline, on the other hand, is the ability to recognize what is right and against all odds, stick to it. Self control will thus help you to say no to procrastination. It will help you to think of all you could lose by procrastinating while discipline will move you to stick to the decision you have made.

    If you can implement the above mentioned suggestions, you will start the journey to avoiding and doing away with the time thief – procrastination.

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