The thought of Christmas brings presents, parties, and shopping. The advent of social media has further intensified the want for material things around Christmas.

There was a time when Christmas used to be simple and much less complicated. There was no pressure to snap the perfect Christmas photo or go on an expensive holiday trip that is definitely way out of the budget.

It seems like in the midst of all the holiday chaos, we have forgotten the true essence of Christmas. We fail to remember that Christmas is more than just giving and receiving presents. Neither is it about getting drunk at every party that you’ll go to.

We celebrate Christmas because, on this day, thousands of years ago, salvation came to mankind. This should be the primary reason for the season. The presents and other material trappings should only serve as the “topping of the cake.”

Keeping Christmas simple makes it much more meaningful. Here are some tips on how you can celebrate a simple Christmas Day.

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Celebrate Within Your Means

For some people, Christmas is mostly about maxing out their credit cards. With all the holiday promotions and discounts, it’s certainly hard to keep your bank balance intact.

If you’re one of these people, I want you to think about the things you bought last Christmas. Can you remember all of them? No? That’s because it doesn’t really matter. You probably don’t even remember why you bought half of the items in the first place. Yet, you will be working overtime for several months just to pay the credit card bill.

So before you rack up debts this holiday season, keep your expenses to the basics. Don’t splurge on things just to get more likes on social media or look good in front of other people. If you can’t afford that expensive European holiday, don’t push it. Keep a budget and stick to it.

Invest in Memories

This Christmas, invest in memories. Instead of spending hours lining up at department stores, try doing activities that the whole family will enjoy. For example, you can decorate the Christmas tree, watch Christmas movies, make sugar cookies, participate in Christmas baking contests, attend the town’s Christmas parade, or read the bible together.

At the end of the day, it’s these little moments with your loved ones that will matter. Your kids will soon forget about the Christmas gifts they received, but the memories you shared will stay in their hearts for a long time. 

3. Practice Giving Back

This season is not just about receiving; it’s also about giving. Nothing compares to the satisfaction and contentment you’ll feel in knowing that you’ve made someone happy. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can practice giving back this Christmas. You can:

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Donate old clothes to the homeless
  • Visit an orphanage
  • Bake cookies for your less fortunate neighbors
  • Make holiday photo cards for hospice patients
  • Help out in a fundraiser for a local charity

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4. Choose Simple Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts, one thing is true: it’s the thought that counts. You don’t need to give out something fancy or super expensive to express your love for the people around you. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a handwritten Christmas card or a handmade sweater. What’s important is the sincerity that comes with that gift.

If you’re good at crafts, you can create personalized gifts. If baking is your forte, Christmas cookies will always be appreciated. These gifts might not be worth thousands of dollars but pouring your talent and time makes it all the more special.

5. Tone Down Your Decorations

Many people would agree that one of the infinite sources of stress during the holiday season is Christmas decorations. Remember that Christmas decors are just part and parcel of the celebration. They only add to the festive atmosphere. Unless you’re participating in a contest, you don’t need to outdo every single house on your street just to show that you’re having a wonderful Christmas.

Besides, once Christmas is over, they’ll only end up gathering dust in the attic. You probably won’t be able to use some (or most) of them the next year.

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6. Prepare a Simple Christmas Dinner

If you really want to keep Christmas simple this year, start by going for a simplified holiday dinner. Instead of getting stressed out trying to copy those outlandish dishes you see on Instagram, opt for a more traditional one. Or if cooking is not really your strong suit, don’t stress over it. There’s no shame in ordering ready-made food for Christmas dinner. Again, what matters are the moments and memories shared over the dinner table. Having great food is just a bonus.

7. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

One great way to keep Christmas simple is maintaining an attitude of gratitude. When you’re thankful for the things you have, you’ll want nothing more. You’ll start appreciating the things you have and you’ll feel less pressure to buy more.

So this holiday season, practice counting your blessings instead of sheep. The fact that you’ll still be celebrating Christmas this year is already a blessing. Be thankful for it and all the things that you currently have. Not everyone has them.


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