How to Become The Person Of Your Dreams

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    It’s really amazing how we don’t think about the hard work actors do while watching a movie. We enjoy those 2 hours so much, that we forget who the actors really are. You know, while watching Bruce Almighty we say, “Did you see Bruce pull the moon closer to the Earth?” We rarely say, “Look at what Jim Carrey just did.” During those 2 hours, the actors become who they need to be in order to deliver the message and produce the results they desire. The more work they put into transforming themselves into the character they’re playing, the better results and critique they get.

    An actor’s goal is to become a master at portraying different characters; and just like actors, there are times we dream of being different- not a different person, but a BETTER person; the kind of person we imagine ourselves to be everyday we go to bed at night. Some of us want to lose weight, some of us want more money and some of us just want to build amazing relationships; but it’s hard to reach those goals and results if the person taking those actions isn’t coming from a confident, definite, and persistent place. Have you noticed that whenever you begin your journey towards any goal, if your heart or confidence isn’t fully invested in that goal, you end up getting bored, quitting or failing?

    Why does this happen? It happens because our body is a cybernetic mechanism – it brings us ‘back on course’ when we break our comfort zone, just like a plane automatically comes back on course after hitting turbulence. This is the reason so many people quit: they do something for a while, they start seeing results, they get comfortable and then they get stuck. Losing weight, increasing our income and being an amazing husband/wife can only manifest if we make our desired result our comfort zone! In other words, make yourself feel uncomfortable until you get there. You’ve got to change your approach towards achieving that goal; and to change that we’ve got to change our self image.

    If we picture ourselves as a fat person, we will diet for a while, get comfortable and without knowing, our cybernetic mechanism will bring us right back to where we were. We cry, we get angry and eventually we give up! We need to treat the source. If our self-image doesn’t change, we will never find the confidence, desire and persistence to succeed and manifest those results.

    There is one amazing exercise you can do in order to help you manifest those results in a faster and better way: You need to write a script of you. Not your situation, not a story of your past… just YOU. Who would you like to be? Begin jotting down ideas of the person you would like to be, and read it over and over. Allow yourself to totally relax and feel like you are already that person; you will see results manifest in no time.

    Now why did I bring up actors? Well, actors imagine themselves to be someone else all the time; in fact they’re pros at it! So if actors are studying the character they are trying to play in a movie, we should study the person we are aspiring to be in our own movie! Study your dream, really think about every aspect of who you want to be, and then begin creating a plan and taking action to manifest each of those qualities. Break down those comfort zones and allow your cybernetic mechanism to acquire and new optimal state of being. Make success your norm instead of failure, and you’ll be on your way to creating bigger and better fantasies.

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