How Thoughts and Words Can Affect Christian Businesses




    By Leon Bowes

    It is up to you, whether you use all your Godly resources to strengthen your business skills. There are successful Christian businessmen who discipline themselves to exercise Godly principles to secure the power of God while building their Christian businesses.

    If you have a desire to start your own Christian business, distinguish situations where spiritual tools can be used to strengthen your business. The Holy Spirit is at work helping us in our weaknesses.

    When we are lost, the Spirit intercedes for us in a way no words can express. Our hearts reveal the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit mediates according to God’s will. (Rm 8:26-27) There are spiritual laws that direct what happens when Christians declare their thoughts.

    As Christian, we need to know about the importance of these spiritual laws. We have to faithfully choose the words that we speak concerning our situations, because they have a profound effect on our life.

    Have you ever noticed people who are constantly murmuring and complaining, scornful and depressed, they always have plenty of problems to complain about? It is always about their problems and they are constantly looking for people to feel sorry for them.

    What do you do when you are experiencing a bad day? Do you make it a point to tell everyone within listening distance how bad things are or do you reassure yourself with words and thoughts to make the situation better?

    I recently heard a story about a Christian business man who was struggling with growing his business. He was constantly murmuring and complaining to family members that even though he tithed faithfully and worked very hard, his business was starting to falter.

    One day his brother took him to lunch and reminded him of a few scriptures. He reminded him that God hates murmuring and complaining because: (1) it is a sign of unbelief, (2) it leads to rebellion, (3) it reflects an unfaithful heart and most of all (4) it grieves the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:29-30).

    His brother told him that his words affect everything around him. They can build or destroy (Prov 18:21). His brother gave him one last bit of advice; he told him, instead of tithing on what he made why not tithe on what you wanted to be making. The rest is history, today (3 years later) the man had to move his Christian business into a larger building to accommodate his growth.

    Christians who are familiar with James(3:3-6), know we should guard what we think and say, for the tongue sets the course of our lives. Philippians tell us that whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

    If what you speak is structuring your life, what kind of future are you generating for yourself right now? Listen to your words. Are they words of faith or are they words of unbelief? Your actions will set in motion the laws that will make those words your destiny.

    Leon Bowes is co-owner and webmaster of Christian Businesses from home. As Christians, he and his wife Deana only recommend honest and legitimate Christian Businesses that are available to anyone regardless of their background or skills.

    Photo: Copyright Paul Foreman.



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