How the Coronavirus Has Changed the Way We Live

    MannaXPRESS Raw-pixel How the Coronavirus Has Changed the Way We Live
    Changed the Way We Live

    By Jennifer Scott

    Most people have navigated some significant life changes since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and it could take a while for things to go back to how they were at the beginning of the year. On a better note, some of the more positive outcomes may stick around for the long run! From practicing self-care to reconnecting with religion, adapting to the lockdown has encouraged us all to make improvements in our lives. Keep reading to learn how you can overcome new challenges and thrive during the pandemic.


    Due to widespread business closures, many people have been forced to take self-care into their own hands. This is perfectly exemplified by the popularity of at-home haircuts and DIY manicures. Learning how to tend to your own grooming needs can be incredibly fulfilling! If you like the results of your at-home styling, you can save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding salon trips even as restrictions are lifted. Of course, you will need the right tools to ensure success! Tool Review Lab recommends investing in some essential hair cutting supplies like proper hair shears and a helpful hair-cutting mirror.

    Employment and Remote Work

    The pandemic has also encouraged people to embrace remote work to make up for lost hours or maintain their income during shelter-in-place orders. Forbes suggests that these changes are likely to stick around as businesses of all sizes realize the benefits of offering remote options to their employees. 

    Many people have even used this opportunity to pursue their passions and finally earn a living doing what they love. And you can do the same! For example, if you enjoy creative work, you might want to consider working as a freelance print designer! Online job boards are great for finding clients and jump-starting your new career in print design—or whatever industry piques your interest.

    Social Gatherings

    As a result of bans on social gatherings, people have had to find new ways to stay connected to each other. The World Economic Forum explains that religious groups and services had to adapt to these changes quickly as places of worship were forced to close. Fortunately, churchgoers have found other ways to practice their faith! Many churches began streaming their services online, posting prayers on social media, and encouraging members to reach out and lend a hand to their neighbors. Hopefully, these changes stick around to extend the accessibility of church services and increase spiritual support in the community.

    Mental Health 

    The importance of mental health care became abundantly apparent during the lock down. 

    Our lives have been put on hold and our regular schedules uprooted, causing stress and unease around the world. If you’re not careful, negative thinking can spiral out of control, altering the perception of yourself and your faith. To combat stress, many people have adopted healthy coping behaviors like exercising, doing yoga, meditating, and praying. Picking up new hobbies is another way to control stress and maintain a positive mood through all of this. As the country reopens and you navigate the challenges to come, keep your mental well-being at the forefront of your mind.

    Personal Hygiene and Cleaning Practices

    Of course, the pandemic has also altered our cleaning and personal hygiene habits. For example, we’re all getting better at washing our hands throughout the day, especially after shopping and touching high-contact surfaces. Businesses have increased the cleaning of germ-ridden areas to keep their customers safe—which can protect people from common illnesses like the cold and flu long after the pandemic ends. The pandemic also forced restaurants and fast food establishments to implement special food safety procedures and policies that are expected to stick around for the future.

    It’s clear that the coronavirus has caused changes in many areas of our lives. Fortunately, a lot of these changes are positive! Whether the pandemic encourages you to pick up new hobbies, try a new career path, or reconnect with your faith, focusing on all the good coming out of this bad situation is a great way to keep your head up and make it through! 

    Jennifer Scott is the Founder of Spiritfinder.org. She can be reached at: info@spiritfinder.org


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