How I Got Rid Of My Middle Age Spread

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    Middle age spread

    By Lizzie Bruno 

    WELL God has surprised me again and this time He changed something I wasn’t even working to change, but has given me great pleasure nonetheless. I thought I would share this remarkable new development of tackling my middle age spread even if it doesn’t apply to anyone else but me. It is my prayer, God willing that other women can benefit.

    I have recently been through a great many changes; this article concerns the most unexpected one of all: the unexpected blessing of significant weight loss. This change came about in the midst of much more profound and vital life-altering experiences; in other words, I never saw it coming. The best way to explain it is that it began with a sudden drop in income; causing a re-evaluation of what is really necessary at the grocery store. I began cutting out certain products like artificial butter spray and the like in order to save a few bucks each week. Immediately, I couldn’t help but notice I’d dropped a few pounds, but still continued in the other aspects of my eating habits.  For example: 2 slices of bread as part of my breakfast. As time went on, I cut down to only 1 large egg, instead of 2 jumbo, in order to cut my part of the expenses. (There were other food items, plus non-food items I stopped buying, but they are not relevant here, so I won’t get into all that.)

    Then, having had to battle a great deal of stomach and intestinal trauma after eating, I did some serious praying and God led me to slow way down in eating my dinner, as that has always been the most difficult meal to digest. It took a little while to get used to this, but I have been taking between 30-45 minutes to eat; this has helped me tremendously. Throughout these occurrences, there have been other changes as well, for example I noticed I was getting overly full in eating a large amount of carbohydrates; namely bread or potatoes, so I cut that back and because of my sluggish intestinal tract, I slowly began to increase my fat intake, which leads me to the most remarkable part of this whole experience; ever since I have cut back on portions and carbs (not vegetables though)and increased my fat intake, especially animal fats, I have been slimming down; especially through the middle! I realize this is a dangerous prospect, however, when calculated, this increase is in reality, a mere 2 to 3 tablespoons and some of it is olive oil or canola oil, which is the most healthy of all oils. Furthermore, other than dinner, my fat intake is so minuscule, it’s only a fraction more than trace; only a few grams found in low fat yogurt, bread (that I don’t even eat daily), 1 large egg, a few crackers, a small amount of low sodium pretzels and a hand full of peanuts per day. I make sure to include 2 pieces of fruit per day and eat my veggies every night and everyone knows yogurt is healthy, so I feel confident that my diet is healthy, at least for my needs anyway.

    Is anyone thinking of a certain diet craze that was popular a few years back? I know what I am explaining is strikingly similar to the Atkins diet, well I would never buy, let alone eat their products (it’s just their theology I’m suggesting may be credible) because they include preservatives, which by the way I keep at a minimum (not only are they really unhealthy, they also cause water retention, which when we women pull up our pants, is as bad as fat! This was my biggest cause of weight gain; previously experienced by eating fake butter spray and other artificial butter and sodium products.)

    SO, what has happened to me, that started out as a form of self-sacrifice has transpired into a great blessing, that God has undoubtedly poured over me. And as a result, I ponder about a question that menopausal women everywhere would love answered: HOW can I get rid of this middle-aged spread?! I’m not saying I have discovered it or even that God has revealed it to me, BUT perhaps He has!

    Whether this article helps any of my fellow sufferers, or will simply serve in the format of sharing a godly encounter; I have no idea, BUT if there is any chance whatsoever that it could help even 1 woman………I decided to write about this remarkable, unexpected blessing from our Lord.

    ***Another important note about water weight gain, I have found that sea salt really is far less of a culprit.

    I have been writing for many years. I really got serious when my 3 kids were still quite young, as they inspired me to write children’s fiction nearly every day; observing them at play. These days I’ve been working hard on completely a Bible course online, THEN I’m going hard copy with my books!! I can be reached at: linzybruno@gmail.com.

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