How hidden cracks can destroy a ministry

    MannaXPRESS deceptive-leader-e1426103523857-3 How hidden cracks can destroy a ministry

    By Pastor QT Nyathi

    In geology a fault is a fracture, break, or crack on the earth’s surface. Hidden cracks in the life of a Christian leader will send tremors through that leader’s life, family, and ministry shaking his whole world. Let’s examine five fault zones in the life of a ministry leader.

    Leftover Lines

    Let’s admit it.

    We all have leftovers from our past lives prior to accepting Christ.

    It might be an affair that was left hanging or whose embers were left flickering if ever so dimly. Or it can be an evil obsession that keeps resurfacing, like peeping into pornographic sites once in a while.

    After Simon the sorcerer got saved, traces of witchcraft still followed him as he wanted to buy the amazing power of the Holy Spirit from the apostles. (Acts 8:18-23). 

    Are you nibbling on the tiny morsels of your dark past?

    Generational Lines

    In the Bible Abraham’s seed had monumental challenges with lying while David’s line had serious problems with sexual lust.

    What undeniable wicked fault line runs through your family tree all the way back to your great grand-parents?

    Is it a fiery temper, a domineering spirit, or the choking spirit of Mammon?

    Are there any traces of negative behaviour inherited from your ancestors that want to overwhelm your life?

    Demonic Lines

    As a key leader in the body of Christ, you are top on the Devil’s hit list.

    These hits are executed by demons, Satan’s undercover agents. Dark angels are always trailing you and searching for the smallest loophole through which they can plot your downfall.

    Beware of a demonic set-up in every area of your life.

    Have you felt a coercive urge to do something evil lately? Is there an evil attitude or tendency that is slowly trying to take root in your life? Are you having an inexplicable craving for a drug that God delivered you from decades ago?

    Accountability Lines

    Without accountability in a leader’s life, a big stress fracture has already started developing.

    Leaders who don’t have proper accountability structures around them are sitting on a time bomb.

    Some senior leaders try to soothe their screaming consciences by surrounding themselves with yes-men.

    If you are an assistant pastor or second man, part of your solemn duty is to help your senior leader spot the invisible faults in his or her life.

    Concealment Lines

    Sin grows in darkness.

    What you hide on the inside can kill you. 

    Secretive tendencies are destructive tendencies. Do you have a dark secret that you are harbouring as a servant of God?

    It may not be a sin as such but will eventually evolve into one if you don’t deal with it.

    It may be facing the painful truth that you are starting to have feelings for your secretary or one of the ladies in your church. It may be an evil plan that you are hatching in your mind to try and deal with a delicate situation.

    If you see these and other small cracks developing in your life, don’t despair. There is hope and recovery in the Lord. Here is a simple five-step recovery plan to help you seal the cracks.

    Step #1: Reveal the crack

    Make the crack known to God and/or a trusted mentor. Once sin is exposed, it quickly wilts and loses its grip on you.

    Step #2: Repent before God

    Repentance repairs; true repentance removes the guilt that was weighing you down. Genuine repentance brings freedom and release immediately.

    Step #3: Renounce the crack

    Repentance is accompanied by renouncing. By renouncing the crack, you remove the handle bars that the enemy was using to control your life or to get to you.

    Step #4: Repair the damage

    Take practical and positive steps to remedy the situation. We root out in order to plant. Replace the weeds with wheat.

    Step #5: Rejoice in the Lord

    Once the crack has been sealed celebrate your wholeness. Serve the Lord with greater joy, verve, and vitality. If possible testify of His wondrous works to other people so that they too will have their cracks healed by the Lord.

    Pastor QT is a published author, copywriter and speaker. His sincerity, wit and candid style have endeared him to many hearts. His book DELIVERANCE UNPACKED has been warmly received globally. He conducts spicy marriage and singles seminars with his feisty wife Bonani.

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