How God’s Endless Pursuit Saved Wayne Bradley From Hopelessness

    The story of Wayne Bradley is one that speaks to the love God has for everyone. An unconditional love that seeks to remain in search of the lost, until found.
    In this story, God finally caught up with Wayne in prison. This was after many years of dealing with the pains of being abused and losing his parents at the hands of his elder brother.
    His anger and frustration pushed him into the pits of drug addiction and theft on the streets. A lifestyle that would lead to his inevitable incarceration.

    Wayne’s story of a complete 360-turn around is one that inspires hope and trust in God. No matter how bad or how deep in sin we may think we are, just like Wayne, God is willing to come into our lives the moment we let him.

    Watch how a dreadful story, changed into a tale of God’s immense love for man:



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