How Can a Christian Man Can Win His Wife’s Heart Back, Making Up Success

    By Robert Lees

    [dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow can a Christian man win his wife’s heart back is not really that different than any other, the biggest difference is that you believe in Jesus Christ, and you are doing your best to be a good man! If you have lost your wife, and want to win her back there is a sequence that you can follow to achieve such a goal. From one Christian man to another, to get your wife back, one needs to have true dedication, and the courage to accept the things you can not change, and change the things that you can…

    Getting your wife back is matter of self reflect, and understanding more about the reasons why she has left you! The best way to go about doing this properly is to I recommend you write down everything you can think of, good and bad about your marriage. Take note of your own specific behaviors, those that your wife loved, and those that she didn’t. Praying is great, and I do believe that it had a big part in helping me my confidence to believe that I will get my wife back! But at the same time I had to realize that God will only help those who help themselves…

    Change and compromise is pretty much a requirement to win your wife back, but the first part is to start the communication again, along the lines of friendship. Most men, Christian or not will make one very common, and sorry mistake! And that is to beg and plead for there forgiveness, and do this while we are feeling sorry for ourselves. The best thing to do after a break up, is to let time do some healing and leave her alone! The first thing a man has got to do, is get over the loosing his wife, in order to make her feel like she wants him back…

    The best way to do that is to let her know that you agree with the separation, and that you were sorry for hurting her! The way to say this effectively that will capture her emotions, and have her thinking of you, is by giving her a hand written letter. And ending your letter with saying how much you do respect her, and you feel that her friendship is is valuable and would like to keep it…

    When she accepts you invitation of friendship you can proceed, and offer to meet up somewhere for coffee at first, and use this time to give her your undivided attention to evaluate her feelings, along with being able to let her see that you have changed. Small steps are the best steps foe a Christian man to win back his wife’s heart, her friendship is priceless for a long and happy marriage…

    God Bless

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