Holiday Gift Giving: The One Gift Everyone Needs


    By Pennie Murray

    Whenever I’m asked to speak to a group of people, I always poll my audience on three simple questions: “How many are early bloomers – who found their life’s purpose early and have been living it? How many are late bloomers, who stumbled upon their purpose but struggle to live it; and how many are still waiting to bloom? Unfortunately, several hands shoot up identifying themselves as struggling late bloomers, but a larger number of people identify themselves as “still waiting to bloom.” I then present a very provocative question… “Are you still waiting to find your purpose, or are you afraid to take ownership of your purpose?” Immediately, an utter sense of shock seems to fill the room.   

    Every year at this time of family get-togethers and holiday gift giving, I run into people who are in an emotional slump that is often associated with the holidays. This emotional slump begins to surface around Thanksgiving and lingers well after the New Year. Funny thing is, when I actually engage people to clarify the true “what” and “why” of their emotional depletion it almost always has little to do with the holidays, and more to do with the acknowledgement of another year coming to a close and they still lack the experience and joy of intrinsic fulfillment. The kind of fulfillment that comes as a result of finding and living through our life’s purpose.     

    Most people believe that finding and fulfilling our life’s purpose is a “Take it” or “Leave it” proposition.  But it’s actually a Human Need that must be met. Just like water sustains and balances your body and mind. Experiencing the success of achieving your purpose also sustains your well-being. In other words, our life’s work must be fulfilled because our inner soul is deeply desirous of it.  

    The term “Giving Myself Permission” is the covenant you make with yourself to take true ownership of your life’s purpose in order to bring it into fruition as an offering to others, and the well-being of this Universe. This covenant is the human spirit acting in defiance against the self-doubt, fear and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you confused or in denial about your life’s work or purpose.

    You have to experience the physical expression of moving towards the fulfillment of your life’s purpose for it to be real. Lofty gifts and a host of friends and family are merely superficial surrogates for the Gift of Purpose. There is no greater gift or intrinsic joy than living through the fulfillment of your life’s purpose and experiencing success in every significant area of your life because of it. To have this experience, you have to give yourself permission to give up your loyalty or false obligation to mediocrity and take full ownership of your life’s purpose. Regardless of the opinions, skepticism, or disapproval of others, you must take ownership, cherish and hold tightly to your life’s purpose/passion with conviction and anticipation. Once you do, you will experience the true Spirit of the holiday – allowing your spirit to express and live its authentic best. And what a gift of HOPE, STRENGTH, ENCOURAGEMENT and LIGHT you will offer others simply by fulfilling your purpose.

    Pennie Murray is an author, speaker and certified NLP coach. She is founder of the Giving Myself Permission (GMSP) Community and The Power of Self-Permission workshops and retreats, which focuses on recognizing and managing the emotional side of success. Pennie is also the author of the book, Giving Myself Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place, and the companion audio book, Asking for Richer Ground: The Power of Your Words.

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